Righteous Fatherhood: My dad & Faith

a post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

As I look back on my childhood and reflect on the things that shaped my early years I remember fondly many things about my relationship with my dad. Over the next few weeks for our June campaign Righteous Fatherhood I will be writing about different aspects of my childhood and how my dad’s influence then still affects me to this day.


From a very early age my life has always been filled with faith, some of my earliest memories are of going to Church with my dad. I was baptised into the church as an infant and as I grew older I started to attend Mass with my dad. I was preparing to receive First Holy Communion when we moved to the other side of Australia, however immediately after we settled into the area we had moved to dad and started to attend our new Church. I concluded my preparations to receive First Holy Communion and partook of this sacred ordinance.

As I continued to grow up dad and I continued to attend Mass every Sunday. His devotion to our faith was a fantastic example to me growing up.

Now that I am in my adult life my faith is the strongest part of my life. My believe in God and my devotion have never wavered. I am very thankful to my dad for giving me the grounding in faith he provided me as a child.