When Ayla is attacked: An outside perspective

a post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

As most of you would be aware by now, Ayla was named and attacked recently in a New York Times opinion piece called “The House Wives of White Supremacy” by Annie Kelly which labeled her as a “White Supremacist” & “Nazi”. Ayla has since then done a live stream on her YouTube responding to the article which can be found here.

I’m not going to speak about the most recent attack against Ayla specifically, however, what I want to talk about today is what happens when some people see articles like the one in The New York Times and to share some of my experiences in this.

Ayla, over the past year and a bit, has been attacked by various mainstream media outlets including The Salt Lake Tribune, BuzzFeed, CNN, The New York Times & The Daily Mail. It is the last of these, The Daily Mail, where my story begins.

In March 2017 Ayla issued a tongue-in-cheek challenge to her followers calling for them to meet or even better the number of children she has, or as it became known, a “white baby challenge.” As a result of this, Ayla came under heavy mainstream media attention including from The Daily Mail.


As you can clearly see, Hannah Parry from The Daily Mail did not hold back in her scathing attack on Ayla and attacked her on many fronts labeling her a “Racist”.

The article from The Daily Mail was the one that came across my news feed, it caught my attention and I read it. Immediately something didn’t sit right with me as the piece was extremely biased towards one viewpoint and it was quite clear that it was nothing more than an attack on Ayla. So, I decided to do some follow up investigating of my own and as a result I followed Ayla on the Twitter account she had at the time.

It became very apparent to me very quickly, while interacting with Ayla on Twitter, that the article that I had seen was a complete falsehood and the accusations about Ayla’s character made in the article were completely wrong. By this stage my mind had been made up that Ayla was, in fact, a really good and nice person.. however our fledgling connection in these early days would soon take a new turn.

A few months after I first started following and interacting with Ayla she came under attack again and she put out a call for help on her Twitter asking for some assistance with something. I didn’t immediately reply and it was around 24 hours later that I directed messaged her and asked if anyone had offered help. She replied with that no one had done so. I offered my help and I assisted her with what she needed.

As 2017 continued to roll by Ayla and I talked and our friendship grew and as I realised that I was becoming more involved in helping Ayla with what she does, so I turned to God (as I am a Christian) and prayed if I should be involved with her work. I received a very strong confirmation that what Ayla is doing is right and that I should help her.

Right at the end of the year Twitter de platformed her from their network. This was a large set back for Ayla as she lost over 34,000 followers. I am happy to say I was there along side her to support her through this difficult time.



As we moved into 2018, I continued to become more involved with the work Ayla does, which of course also does now include writing articles for her website. I have also been with her on every step of this journey with her since starting to be involved with her work.. through the good times and I’ve been here to support her when things get tough.

Articles which speak out against Ayla and people like her often have the affect of bringing people to their platforms so they can check out what she does for themselves, like I did. After the CNN attack on Ayla in April this year her subscribers to her YouTube channel increased greatly.

I am very thankful to The Daily Mail as all my involvement with Ayla’s work the friendship we have together is a direct result of the hateful and false article that they published in March 2017.

Thank you for bringing Ayla and I together so that we may have a lasting and lifelong friendship and also for allowing me the opportunity provide her with vital assistance with her work giving her a greater ability to put out more work and to be able to reach more people than ever before.