Amy Mek comes under attack and is in danger

post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

Amy Mek is an American patriot who loves God, her family and her President. She speaks out truthfully and strongly about many issues and is someone who should be supported and encouraged in the work that she does. This however has not been the case recently.

Amy has come under heavy attack to the point when her and her immediate family are in danger. Luke O’Brien from The Huffington Post wrote a scathing article fully attacking Amy on all fronts.  However do you think Luke O’Brien was satisfied with just an article, no he then proceeded to harass Amy and her family and friends for information that he could use to dox her with. This led Amy to turn to her twitter followers to desperately plead for help.


Amy made attempts to stop Luke O’Brien from contacting her but still he persisted in his attempts to dox her. Even after she blocked him he resorted to calling her personal cell phone and e-mailing her.


This kind of gutter journalism is not only morally wrong but down right dangerous. When these “journalistic professionals” write fake news like this attacking good people and then try to (and in some cases succeed) dox them. It causes so much anguish & stress for the person being attacked.

The people being attacked often:

  • Undergo extreme mental distress from the attacks
  • They or their partners may often lose their jobs and then find it hard to get normal jobs after the attacks
  • They fear for the lives of their children if they have any.
  • They may have to move to a new location in an attempt to protect themselves and their families from further attacks

What makes matters worse in Amy’s situation is that some members of her extended family have taken to social media to openly attack her and remove their support from her.

amy4This is totally disgusting and abhorrent. Amy’s family should be rallying around her and supporting her as much as they can without question not turning their backs on her and throwing her to the wolves.



Amy right now needs all the love and support she can get from us all. She is being forced into a very dark and dangerous situation where even her own family are turning on her. We need to rally around her and give her all the support we can.

Please head over to twitter retweet Amy’s tweets and leave her encouraging  and supportive comments and messages. We need to show her she is not alone,we are with her and will fight this evil that has come and attacked her mercilessly