Month: June 2018

SHOCKING! New Purge Movie Portrays Whites, Orthodox Christians and Trump Voters as Terrorists Who Want to Murder All Blacks.

Anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-Trump voters is the theme of the newest Purge movie, set to release July 4th weekend. This film is exactly like the propaganda films one would find terrorist groups like ISIS using to recruit killers and it is aimed straight at you and your family.

Russian-Faith reports:

“One of the common threads of any genocide is its justification. In order to be able to execute it on a mass scale, a lot of people have to buy into it and agree that it’s the appropriate thing to do. And so any genocide begins with the dehumanization process.”

A cold-blooded killer dons an ominous full-face leather mask, a black leather jacket, and a Nazi-style armband bearing a three-bar Russian Orthodox cross. This is what a true terrorist looks like, according to the official Facebook page for the film, The First Purge: allegiance.

Read the full story here.

With a black leading cast this film is pure anti-white, anti-Christian propaganda aimed at dehumanizing white, Christians in an attempt to legalize crimes against us, such as what has happened in South Africa where the government is taking the land from white farmers and in England where white people are given lower priority in emergency calls.

Apparently, this movie gives the backstory of how “The Purge” began. The history is that white, Trump voters with the help of the Russian Orthodox terrorists, created it to genocide blacks in the US.


Are you tired of this yet? They take your money out of your paycheck every month to disproportionally distribute to black communities through social services.

They tell you that your children should be passed over to get into school and to get a job because of affirmative action. You and your children have the wrong skin color. White.

They destroy your neighborhoods with crime, drugs, and gangs and rob you of your home equity. They play the knockout game and leave your grandmother bleeding and unconscious on the pavement.

And you cannot turn on the TV or go to a movie without being constantly told that your race is trash, your history is garbage, that you have no culture and that you are so evil you should not even have children.

They openly call for your genocide.

Everything is your fault and you and your people are the cause of all evil.

What will you do today to reverse this trend? Will you speak up? Will you take the risk and fight back by saying you are not ashamed of your skin, your ancestors, your people or your faith? Will you support the politicians who fight back against this brainwashing and anti-white terrorism? I hope so.

In the meantime please pray for the Russian Orthodox community in the US and their safety as Hollywood churns out a brainwashed, hate mob against them.

Another TradLife Gal to Check Out!

If you haven’t run across her in a Facebook group yet, meet Trad Cat Maria. A recent convert to Catholicism, she has a Youtube vlog where she talks about her faith, about traditional life and about feminity.

I was shocked recently to discover she only has 70 followers! 😱 Fam, we gotta fix this. Let’s get her subs up! She is an amazing role model for young women! Please sub to her channel and share!

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“Drug Through the School Screaming”: German Families Seeking Freedom in Russia

with liberal culturally Marxist dominated governments, courts and society in the West, the tables have strangely turned. Post-soviet Russia has become a destination for families in the West unable to live, work, and worship freely in their homelands.

Read the full story here.

Be Careful Regarding Ayla Stewart’s Wikipedia

*updated June 22nd, 2018*

Today I learned that Wikipedia has created an entry for me and true to form, it’s was originally full of lies.

They made a lot of false claims based on click bait media which lied about myself and my family.

This Wiki entry was an attempt at a total hit job on my name. They did not mention my ministry, Wife With A Purpose. They did not link to my website. They did not mention my work with Squawker or New Media Central. They did not mention my Youtube channel.

They don’t want you to actually know who I am or what I stand for. They don’t want you to find me, they just want to try and make my life difficult because I suffer from “wrong think.”

Thank you to the Wikipedia editors who have helped me correct this. I will be hard for me to keep an updated account since anyone can go and edit Wiki but I will try and stay on top of it as best I can. The bottom line is don’t believe everything you read about me! You can always email me if you have questions about my work at Ayla at New Media Central . Net