The loss of faith: A crisis for Western Civilization

a post by @atraditionalguy on twitter

Have you ever stopped and thought about why society seems to be falling apart around us? Why crime is sky rocketing, why there is a distinct lack of common courtesy and decency & why the youth of today are vagrant and have no respect for authority.

It is because of the loss of faith among our community and the breakdown of traditional values that faith brings into our families. The family is the basis for everything our civilization is built on. Without a proper faith filled traditional family home our children won’t grow up to be upstanding and functional contributors to our society.

But has our civilization lost or is losing it’s faith?

To answer this I turn to the recent history of my own country Australia.

In the 1981 census under the question of religion 76.4% of the population of Australia identified as Christian, with the largest denomination being The Church of England at 26.1%. With 10.8% of respondents stating that they did not identify with a religion.$File/24430_1981_SC_PD_Australia.pdf

In the 2016 census only 52.1% of the population of Australia identified as Christian, a reduction of 24.3% in only 35 years. The highest denomination this time was Catholic at 22.6%. However in a very alarming trend 30.1% of Australians now identify as being of no religion.

Quite clearly from these figures there is a marked ongoing departure in Australia from Christianity and a rise in those who have no firm religion. In a recent Q&A program on Australian television Greg Sheridan Foreign editor for The Australian newspaper said:

“I believe that the loss of faith is a tremendous crisis for western civilization”

So having said all that what can be done?

Firstly what we can do is those of us of faith have to continue to hold fast to our faith and to raise our families with our values. This arms our families and especially our children with the equipment early in their lives that will give them what they need to be steadfast for all of their lives,


Secondly we have to continue to use our platforms online that we work on to promote our values and traditions. For when civilization gets to the point where people have nowhere else to turn they will turn back to faith where we will be waiting for them with open arms to bring them back into God’s family.

Remember the words of Paul Young in the song Love of The Common People

“You know that faith is your foundation. With a whole lot of love and a warm conversation. But don’t forget to pray. It’s makin’ it strong, where you belong.”