“Heartless”: Baby Alfie’s Memorial Tree Comes Under Attack

Heartless,” “unbelievable,” and “livid” are all words people are using to sum up their feelings following the revelation that people are stealing items left at the memorial tree in honor of Alfie Evans, the baby who died in England after his parents fought a very public battle for the right to leave England in order to seek different treatment.

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One Comment on ““Heartless”: Baby Alfie’s Memorial Tree Comes Under Attack

  1. Ayla, I’ll tell you what the problem is with the Baby Alfie story. As you know, British medicine is socialized, which means that all persons who fall within a particular class are supposed to receive similar treatment. There are lots of patients in England on life-support, most of them elderly. And their families are almost always in favor of continuing this very expensive treatment, even when the prognosis is hopeless.

    If the Hospital agreed to make heroic efforts to save Alfie by sending him to another country, then the families of other people on life-support would expect to receive the same treatment. It would become a logistical and financial nightmare. As sad as it sounds, the Hospital has no choice but to cut-off life support for terminal cases. It’s not just about the money. It’s about discipline; in medical terms this is called “triage.”

    It’s about helping the people you can; and giving a fast-ending to those who you can’t.


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