A need for traditional families

A post by @atraditionalguy on Twitter.

There is an alarming trend forming in my city with a spike of children hanging out on the streets of the CBD late at night which is coinciding with a considerable rise in crime around the city. So far in 2018 Mission Australia workers have had 2042 contacts with youth they regard as vulnerable up until the 30th of April. Current projections indicate that the figures this year will more than double the figure of 2758 last year and 1853 in 2016.

These numbers are very distressing and they made me stop and reflect and consider the situation.

Everything we learn in the early years of our lives comes from our family home, even before we do off to school generally when we are around the age of 5. Even when we do start attending school a lot of our basic learning and structure that will take us into our teen years and beyond comes from the home. Which leads me to where I think the problem is.


Over the past few decades we have seen a decline in the structure of the traditional family unit. The roles of Fathers and Mothers have become badly blurred which has led to families not functioning as they were designed to do therefore children are not getting the proper stable homes and guidance that they need.

One major step to fixing the problem of vagrant youth in our society is to reinstate the traditional family unit and reassert the roles that Fathers and Mothers are meant to provide so that their sons and daughters can learn their roles in the family and grow up to be good upstanding and productive members of society. This I think would be a good massive first step and go a long way to helping preserve and protect the very fabric of our culture and society.