Mum’s Condition: the Preciousness of Life

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Mothers are the most precious and special people in the world. They carry us inside themselves for nine months and care and nurture us for the rest of their lives. The bond between a mother and her child is very special and unbreakable.

For all of my life I have been very close to my mother. She stayed at home as a traditional mother would while dad went out and worked. My mum has always been very caring towards me even into my adult life. She has always been there as a support for me when I needed to talk to someone or someone to comfort me in times of trouble and when we are younger even into the early part of our adult lives we think things will always be the way they are however as time progresses we realise the reality of it is different from our ideas we held as a younger person.

A few years ago my mum began to show signs of changes in her ability to do simple things such as her mobility started to weaken and she was losing some of her ability to speak. Dad and I soon recognised something was very wrong with her and we took her to Doctors and specialists to have her examined to try to determine what was wrong with her. Soon after that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 71.

I am very thankful that her condition was not very advanced when my wife and I were married in the August of 2014 and she was able to attend our wedding however it became evident that she was getting worse as time went on. My dad cared for her at home for as long as he could until it became too much for him and she was admitted into an aged care facility in January 2016 where she is still to this day.

As mum’s condition took hold of her and worsened I had to accept the fact that while she is the same loving and caring mother I have known all my life she was now needing me to be there for her as she had been there for me for my entire life. It also made me reflect that each moment we have with our loved ones are precious and should be cherished because we never know when things will change forever.


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