IMPORTANT! I Will NOT Be Speaking at the National Solutions Symposium

For immediate release.

There has been an error. I will NOT be speaking at the National Solutions Conference in Montgomery Bell State Park, Tennessee in June.

I have asked that my name be removed from the list of speakers.

I apologize if this has caused anyone any inconvenience.


Ayla Stewart

3 thoughts on “IMPORTANT! I Will NOT Be Speaking at the National Solutions Symposium”

  1. Hi Ayla, I’m curious. Why don’t you want to speak at this symposium? Do you disagree with their philosophy?


  2. Hi Ayla,
    I’ll update that banner asap. In the mean time, I have linked your announcement on my page where I posted it.

    We were looking forward to having you at the event and meeting you in person. Another time, perhaps. 🙂

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