Large Families: An only Child’s perspective

As we close out this months campaign, Make Families Big Again, we have a wonderful piece to share from @atraditionalguy from Twitter and Gab.

I know it seems weird for an only child to be writing a article about large families but I feel I have a rather interesting and unique perspective.

Recently my wife and I were invited to a wedding where there was a good number of guests of which at best I knew half a dozen. While it was a nice wedding and I did enjoy myself I felt rather uncomfortable around so many people who were complete strangers, it did trigger my anxiety a little bit. For the most part I stayed around my friends I knew.

This got me thinking about my upbringing and more specially the fact I am an only child. Allow me to continue by saying I am grateful to my parents and the life they gave me I could not have asked for better. However I found myself recently contemplating how a sibling or two in my life may have changed how I approach different things in life.

I feel if I had a couple of siblings or more I would have had a greater level of social contact with people around my own age growing up in my younger years which would have led to better adjustment to large social settings such as the wedding I mentioned before.

If you are capable of supporting a larger family comfortably then please consider it. I have friends who have larger families and they are truly blessed because of it.

One Comment on “Large Families: An only Child’s perspective

  1. Thanks for your perspective. We have five children, all adults now, and would have had more if we’d met and been able to begin earlier. We were grateful to have our five in ten years (I was 40 when I had our fifth). Much of the time we were not comfortable financially. It was a struggle. But! The children didn’t notice when they were little as they didn’t know any differently. Now that they are adults they are grateful for what we did have, and we have strong bonds because our “poverty” forced us to spend lots of time together making happy memories. It is my deep belief that when God gives us a commandment: Multiply and be fruitful, that He will then prepare a way for us to be able to obey that commandment. He reminds us to treasure the things of heaven (families) rather than the things of this earth. Keep up the good work!


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