March for White South Africans in Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia. April 8, 2018. Today nearly 3000 people gathered for a rally in Perth, Australia in support of the white South African farmers who are facing genocide.

White South Africans colonized an unoccupied area in South Africa hundreds of years ago. Once they built prosperous cities, Africans who lived to the north began to migrate down into the area. For years apartied, or segregation, allowed black Africans to work but not live inside the white cities there.

An international outcry against this segregation saw it come to an end in recent decades, however now that black south Africans have flooded into town and cities built by whites, many of these black Africans actively hunt down whites for attacks. This happens within the cities but has reached the level of genocide in the countryside where white farm families are targeted, tortured and slaughtered.

Recently new laws in South Africa, pushed through by black South African leadership, have begun seizing land from white farmers and throwing them off of it, leaving them especially vulnerable and without any means to support their families. Refugee camps have spring up and white families face unbearable hardships.

This crisis is either over looked or totally justified by racist, mainstream media, who repeatedly try to justify this genocide because the vicitims of are white, ethnic Europeans.

Perth’s rally today was to show support but also to propose aide to their brothers and sisters in South Africa.

Diplomatic efforts, economic pressure, humanitarian visas, and/or coordinated are all on the table for those at the rally today, who all agree something must be done to help the white South Africans in need.

Pictures from A Traditional Guy on Twitter.

A Traditional Guy’s video of the event on YouTube…

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