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Utah Abortionist Goes Full Demon on Social Media

A week ago I never would have thought Britian had fallen so far into Muslim control as to not allow someone like Brittany Pettibone within it’s borders. Also just a week ago I would have told you that Utah was slipping fast (hence the reason I got my family the heck out of there last year) but that it wasn’t yet THAT bad.

Oh, the things we learn in one short week!

So now I know that Britian is essentially totally under the control of the radical Left, and by extension, Islam, and I also now know that Utah isn’t falling, it has already fallen. The days of Utah being the last place in the Western World where you could see kids waiting to date until the were 16, couples waiting to have sex until marriage, big healthy families with stay at home moms and hard working dads has rapidly given way to Utah being the place where abortion doctors proudly brag about slitting open the throats of the babies they kill.

I wish I was being hyperbolic.

The Daily Wire reports…


. Leah Torres is a famous enough abortionist that she’s earned a “Verified” blue check mark on Twitter, and Monday night, after a confrontation with pro-lifers on the social media platform, she got very real about how sick and twisted she really is, trying to defend her job of ending the lives of children in the womb.

It started out with Dr. Torres attempting to explain that she performs abortions for the love of murdering pre-term children, rather than for the money. After all, she says, she could earn much more delivering live babies than delivering dead ones. And as for that Hippocratic Oath she took, well, that’s an ancient Greek tradition, and she believes she “does no harm” as required by the promise all doctors take upon earning their degree, by ending pre-born lives rather than allowing women to carry an “unwanted” pregnancy to term.

But, finally backed into a corner, Dr. Torres got very depraved.

Confronted with the idea that children subjected to partial-birth abortion — a procedure that allows doctors to kill a baby mere moments before birth — feel pain, and even cry during the process, Dr. Torres shared her secret for scream-free murders: you cut the child’s vocal cords before you complete the rest of the “procedure.”

For the first time in a long time, Twitter was shocked — at least momentarily — into silence.

Of course, that didn’t last for long. National Review’s Charles Cooke chimed in with some advice for Dr. Torres for the next time she giddily admits to mutilating children as she pulls them screaming (or in parts) from their mothers wombs: maybe don’t let everyone know exactly how you avoid being haunted by the deaths of so many babies.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the good doctor went on the explain to her Utah patients, as well as the world, that Jesus approved of her work…

Now I’m old enough to remember when I wrote on this very blog, this time last year, that rap music was a bad influence and that Utah Mormon families needed to think twice before endorsing a rapper known as James the Mormon (who has since dropped “the Mormon” part, hey, I guess we both have that in common!), and I was ridiculed as a Nazi in the international press and targeted for nothing short of what could be called terrorism coming from the local Utah press as well as many Utah residents who stalked my children, my husband and I, sending us death threats which included details of how they were going to bash my children’s skulls in as they slept.

So… pop quiz! Do the good, wholesome, Mormons of Utah care more about a mom who thinks rap music is a bad influence or a doctor who admits, gleefully, on social media that she slits the throats of babies and that Jesus approves?

Well, judging by the deafening sound of crickets coming from not only the leftist media but also the local Utah population on the good doctor’s tweet, if you said the mom who hates rap, you win!!

Oh wait, did I say crickets? Well, maybe there was a comment or two from local Utah moms. Are you ready for this?

Ah yes! It’s approval! And really why not? Because if there’s one thing sweet, innocent, fresh faced, Utah moms are known for, it’s loving the idea of baby throat slitting!

This is why, in all seriousness, dear reader, we are living in a world possessed with demons. There is no other way to describe the shear terror of this course of events.

Say your prayers everyday, dear reader, every single day.

Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of thy mercy. Amen.

4 replies to Utah Abortionist Goes Full Demon on Social Media
  1. The problem with abortion as a “right” is connected to the idea that having children is a “right”. It didn’t used to be. Under the Catholic church, women were restricted in the number of children that they were allowed to have. For example, retarded girls weren’t allowed to have any children at all. They were sterilized.

    So the abortion debate is really about more than abortion. It’s about a series of “rights” which allow single women to bear children, to buy eggs, to sell fetuses, and to kill unborn babies. Feminists see a day when men are no longer needed at all; because the state will pay for the production of babies; and oversee the process.

    To correct these evils, not only must abortion be made illegal, but sperm banks, frozen embryos, and surrogate motherhood must also become illegal. Stable society depends on nuclear families; with a mother and a father, who bear and raise their own children.

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  2. While this is absolutely horrible. And I understand your rage and disgust. Please don’t lump all Utahns in your assumption that people don’t care. I do. I care so very very much. Never once have I wanted to end another human beings existence as much as I want to end this evil woman’s. My own personal opinion is that the world would be better for it. But, “Vengeance is mine” sayeth the Lord. And I guess my heart should weep for her. Because Hell hath no fury like it does for those who shed innocent blood. Jesus certainly weeps for her soul. In my eternal journey to be more like Him I will strive to hate her less. But hate the evil she represents and performs with every fiber of my being.

    I love your blog btw I just watched your video on what you believe and you are very genuine and loving. And very intelligent. Don’t stop fighting the good fight. Don’t cave to the people who have villainized you. Many of Christ’s true followers experienced the same thing. Keep speaking the truth in a world and culture shrouded in lies.

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