My Father’s England

By @ATraditionalGuy on Twitter

It is very interesting how when a situation or circumstance occurs to a race of people or a country an external perspective can often lead us to see things much earlier than those who are living directly with what is going on around them.
The recent barring of Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner and Lauren Southern from the UK caused me to reflect greatly on the situation the UK now finds itself in. While giving this thought I remembered some words my dad said to me many years ago.
My dad was born in the UK and immigrated to Australia in 1964, he had made several trips back to the UK throughout the years. Two of these trips I wish to highlight for the purpose of this blog.
He returned to the UK in 1978 when his grandmother passed away, his next trip was not until 1992 to take care of things after his mother died. The time between these two trips was thirteen and a half years during these years that he was away from the UK clearly things were changing.
When dad returned home from his trip in 1992 he made a comment to my mother and I which I recalled when contemplating the situation in the UK this week.
He said to us “ I didn’t recognize the place, it has changed so much. It has been overrun by immigrants.”
Now this observation was made in 1992 which is now 26 years ago now. I wonder what he would think of the place today if he went back.
Dad’s comment highlights what we have been saying for ages now, that white countries are loosing their identity and culture.
We have to continue to strive and fight for what is ours before we lose everything we hold dear and lose our identity and culture forever.