Progressives Use a Young Turks Live Chat to Plot Against Heterosexual Parents

I’m still fairly new to the whole YouTube live chat thing so tonight when I saw the Young Turks trending I thought I would take a peek and see what progressives talk about in their live streams. Well, I was there only a minute when I discovered that they were knee deep into a conversation in which multiple people discussed not equality, oh no, but the superiority of homosexual parenting.

On the slippery slope that is always the Left it isn’t enough that they can adopt children or buy in-vitro babies from women who literally sell their babies to gay couples like human traffickers – no, now they must insist that they make BETTER parents.

And if you think they will stop there you are sadly mistaken. Once superiority is established it’s a logical next step to restrict breeding from the undesirable, heterosexual, parents who are just “plowing” babies into each other.

I hope you’re paying attention.

3 Comments on “Progressives Use a Young Turks Live Chat to Plot Against Heterosexual Parents

  1. When you listen to these so-called “progressives” you will always find a few glaring gaps in their arguments. The first is the process of character development, which is the Oedipus complex in boys, and the Electra complex in girls. It is the process of learning to love; and requires both a mother and father. Also missing is the fact of legitimacy. When a child is born to married heterosexual parents, he is legitimate. But when a child is adopted, he is much less legitimate. And when a child is born to an unmarried mother, he is a bastard. This is a mark of shame that he will have to carry for his entire life. And he will have no father to teach him the value of discipline, respect, and hard work.

    Another reason “progressives” want to destroy normal families is that they believe the government should be the true mother and father; with “legal guardians” doing the actual work. They do this in anticipation of a day when all children will be politically and financially equal. To socialist government managers, it’s unfair that some children are rich, and some are poor. All of them must be the same. Never mind that children of unwed mothers are always poor.

    Companies too, want children to be seen as independent agents. Why? Because they anticipate the day when all children will be born from improved eggs; just as all wheat is grown from improved seeds. And when that happens, the State won’t need Mom and Dad’s DNA at all. Just State-held patents, and surrogate mothers.

    As you can see, these developments represent an Orwellian nightmare. Children aren’t animals, and they aren’t supposed to be raised by perverts. The only libertarian solution is to reject the government’s plan entirely, and actively work against the commodification of the human race. That means exposing this communist plan, and rooting out the government employees who are trying to make it happen. I would start by de-funding the foster parent program; those children are wards of the state, not the Federal Government. Then I would eliminate WIC; it’s freeloader heaven for unwed mothers. Finally, I would end all child-support programs for bastards. If a woman isn’t married when she has a baby, then there is no implied contract.

    America needs to return to its Puritan values and ideals: thrift, industry, low taxes, hard work, and strict moral codes. These are the keys to lasting happiness.

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