Month: March 2018

Australians, Please Write to Peter Dutton and Let Him Know You Support Bringing South Africans to Australia

@ATraditionalGuy on Twitter and Gab has provided us with a wonderful template for writing or email Me. Peter Dutton and encouraging him to allow South African refugees to come to Australia.

Please feel free to use this as a guide and modify it as needed.


Mr Peter Dutton

Minister for Home Affairs, Immigration & Boarder Protection

PO BOX 6022

Parliament House


Dear Minister Dutton,

I write to you today with regards to your recent statements in the media indicating that yourself and your department are looking into ways to fast track immigration visas and refugee status to the white South African farmers who are currently facing violent attacks and who are being killed in their homeland.

I wish to give notice to you at this time that I applaud your decision and as a citizen of The Commonwealth of Australia I wholeheartedly support what yourself and your department are working towards with regards to this matter.

I myself have been working towards raising awareness of the plight of the white peoples of South Africa through multiple social media platforms. It is through this work I have been engaged in that I have become acquainted with several white South Africans and have formed friendships with them.

These people do not live in the rural farms but in the urban suburbs and they too have expressed great concern and fear to me about their safety and well-being. They are fearful of being attacked or worse still killed when they go out of their homes to conduct what would otherwise be normal business such as going to the shops or to their places of employment.

I would urge you, Minister, to consider extending your offer to help the white people of South Africa to anyone who wishes to escape the perilous situation they are in be they from the rural farming areas or from the urban suburbs.

These people are literally depending on us for their very survival please do everything within your powers as The Minster for Immigration, Boarder Protection and Home Affairs to help them. They are counting on us.

#WildernessRevival Thank you so much

Well we have reached the end of March and our campaign for the month #WildernessRevival. We have seen so much wonderful content going up on social media over the past month it has been marvellous.

While March has now ended we encourage you to continue to explore the outdoors and wilderness around you and to continue to appreciate nature the way our ancestors used to.

Please stick around because we have more awesome monthly themes coming up, one for every month and as always thank you so much for your support of WWAP Ministries.

Growing Up With Wilderness #WildernessRevival

By @ATraditionalGuy on Twitter and Gab

It is accurate to say that the world children are growing up in today is vastly different to the one I grew up in 30 years ago. The kids of today have the internet, tv streaming services, online gaming and plenty of other things which keeps them inside for hours and while there is nothing wrong with these advances in moderation when I was young we had none of them and I had a very different experience growing up.

When I was young my family would often go camping and go out bush walking, these experiences were very precious to me growing up. Not only was the time spent with my family very special but being in and around the nature and the wilderness gave me a great appreciation for it. It gave me a great and deep respect for animals and sparked my love of gardening I have developed over time.

Spending time in the wilderness is important no matter what age we are because it connects us with the world around us and allows us those special moments of peace and rest from the daily grind of life. It also gives us a feeling of connection with our ancestors as we learn to appreciate nature the way they used to and enjoy the Wilderness Revival.