American children deserve the best.

A lot of people ask why I’m against DACA, why do I think dreamers need to go back to their country of origin? Here are some reasons why…

The law was broken, period. Their age is not relevant. If a man broke onto a home while a family was away on vacation and brought his daughter with him would you tell that family they had to let the young girl stay in their home because she wasn’t the one who committed the crime? Because she hadn’t done anything wrong now that family must feed her, clothe her and pay for her schooling? Of course not.

First, dreamers do have higher rates of violent crime than US Citizens, second our country is trillions of dollars in debt, yet currently 1/4-1/3 of Mexico’s entire population lives in our country! We are feeding them, housing them, clothing them, educating them, giving them colleges scholarships after 14 years of free public school and day care.

We cannot afford this. They need to go home and make their country great again or apply to come back legally, the right way. I have a dear friend who was brought here illegally by her parents as a child. She made it a priority to get legal status and she did so by the age of 17.

Another friend who was brought as a child slacked off and didn’t get his citizenship, then Trump was elected and he knew he needed to get serious. Him and his American wife left their children in the care of relatives, returned to Mexico, got the paperwork they needed and completed getting him a legal status.

Any dreamer who hasn’t put forth the effort to get legal should not be excused. We have laws, we have borders, we have rules. They must be upheld. It is not fair to American children and citizens to give dreamers a pass on the crimes committed and then say our tax money must pay for them. Nope.

Just as the Bible commands, 1 Tim 5:8 we are to take care of our families first and it is heresy not to. To put it in none religious terms, it’s cultural, civil and genetic suicide not to secure what is ours for ourselves and our posterity, just as the founders of our country said.

My children have dreams too. My children matter too. My children’s ancestors built this country for them, not for illegal south Americans. Honor the law, honor your people and family, honor your ancestors. Do what is right and let the consequence follow.