Finding a gem: A reminder to preserve our precious culture

By A Tradional Guy @atraditionalguy

Recently while I was out for a walk I came across some junk that had been put out for a curb side rubbish collection. There were piles of rubbish at most every house I had past and I had carried on past them without a second thought however something stopped at this particular pile of junk. As I cast my eye over it I noticed it was a general collection of household rubbish however one particular box caught my eye. It was a box of crockery and porcelain items most of which were unremarkable however one item caught my attention completely.

It was an egg shaped item with little flecks of glitter and the most precious images around it’s surface. The images are of the most beautiful white figures I have ever seen on a piece like this before. I knew immediately that I was blessed to find this rare and beautiful gem so without hesitation I picked it up and brought it home.

When I got home I placed the item on my desk and just sat there for a while and studied it thinking how wonderful it was that I found it. As I continued to look at it a thought came to me.

If I had not come across that box of what someone else thought to be rubbish and saved this priceless gem it would have surely been destroyed and lost forever. As I reflected on this concept I thought about white culture and how precious it is and how like the little egg I found it stands to be in danger of being lost forever.

Finding the egg has served to remind me that our culture is beautiful and precious. It needs to be preserved and protected because it is unique and once it is lost we can’t get it back again. Which is why we must do everything we can to make sure our culture is not lost.