We Rocked 2017! Thank You Supporters!

One Comment on “We Rocked 2017! Thank You Supporters!

  1. Hi Ayla,

    Don’t sell yourself short. I’m Jewish and we don’t believe in original sin. I think that you have had many original and excellent ideas. Certainly we want to serve God’s purpose, but he doesn’t tell us what to do; we have to decide that for ourselves. It’s called free will.

    Jews don’t believe that God chooses those who are weak and poor; God chooses those who would be great. Not rich, but heroic. Nothing is more divine than a hero. I’m reading a great book by Thomas Carlyle, where he outlines the various types of heroes. I won’t burden you with the whole list, but to me and a lot of other people, you are a hero.

    What kind? I’ll tell you: First of all, you are a divine hero, because you teach that pure materialism is evil, and that there is a more beautiful unseen world to which we can all aspire; through religion, family, and community. You are also a prophetic hero, because you see things truly. Ghetto culture, illegitimacy, and drugs are evil, and you’re not afraid to say so; even in the face of terrible opposition. Finally, you’re a hero priestess, because you directly challenge the idolatry of the modern age, and you remind people that the beauty of God’s word can indeed manifest itself in reality. Happiness is a truth, not a lie.

    Best Regards, Ron


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