At the Passing of a Prophet

The prophet of the LDS Church, Thomas S Monson, passed away on Tuesday, Jan 2nd, 2018.

Of course I now choose to keep my religious practice/denomination private for a variety of reasons but I wanted to share some thoughts on Mormons today.

Most Mormons are amazing people, but the bad ones can be fierce beyond measure. The church has some wonderful aspects and the church as some weak points that make it vulnerable to cult like behavior especially when it comes to stalking and harassing members (whom they record and document with extreme precision) as well as a collective “let’s all feel good by hating someone else whether or not the rumors are true” mentality.

It’s a mixed bag like most Churches but if it got it’s teeth back it could a force for great good again.

Mostly, I personally pray that all Christians could once again come back into union and harmony together, giving up the distortions of the Truth, the falsehoods taught by wayward fathers, and unite in one Church. I fear we won’t survive otherwise.


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