Month: January 2018

Continue to Boycott the NFL, This Ain’t Over

#NFL rejects an ad from #AMVets which read #PleaseStand, encouraging people to stand for the national anthem. The NFL claims such an ad is “too political.” This really makes me sick. The NFL thinks patriotism is wrong but let’s these animals “take a knee?” The NFL needs to be starved to death. Don’t support them. Period.

NFL Rejects AMVETS ‘Please Stand’ Super Bowl Ad Due to it’s “Political Message” While Kneeling During the Anthem Continues

There’s Nothing Wrong With White Men

There is nothing wrong with white people and there’s nothing wrong with white people being in leadership positions in white countries, in fact, it’s normal, healthy and expected. Guess who’s in leadership in China? Chinese people. Guess who runs Mexico? Mexicans.

Peggy Fletcher Stack is one of the “journalists” who lied about me last year, doxed me and my family which led to the threats of harm we are still dealing with every day in our lives.

What she does and the hate she intentionally spreads against conservatives, especially white conservatives, is immoral and wrong.

Now it appears she was caught being deceptive yet again…

Please keep talking about this and sharing the truth. These people should be held legally accountable for what they do to people and their families. We must keep fighting back against the tyranny of the Leftist press.

God bless.