I’m dreaming of a warm Christmas: A Traditional Australian Christmas

This is a submission from a dear friend of mine, MC. You can follow him on Twitter @atraditionalguy

Australia is known as a land of warm sunny days and beautiful oceans and beaches, so can a family have a traditional Christmas in Australia?

As a boy growing up I am thankful that I grew up in a warm and loving home Dad went out to work every day to provide for us while Mum stayed home to look after me and keep our home in the lovely condition it was always in. My Dad is English born and my Mum comes from an English background, our Christmas Day’s were influenced by our heritage and our own strong family values.

As Christmas Day approached we would as a family put up the Christmas tree together. With the passing years I became more involved with the tree as I grew older and when I was old enough I started doing all the decorating on my own. Of course we had the tradition of Santa Clause in our family however this did not always go according to plan for my parents.

One Christmas Eve I was refusing to go to bed because I wanted to meet Santa of course parents being one step ahead of their young son they took hold of one of the bells on the Christmas tree and rang it saying that Santa was coming and I needed to go to bed. I very quickly ran to bed so I never did have the chance to meet him that night.

Christmas Day would begin with gift opening as a family at a quite early hour as I would excitedly wake my parents up. Following the gift opening we all got ready and attended Church as a young boy growing up this was a special thing because it gave me the grounding in faith that I still hold dear to this day.

When we got home from Church Mum would finish preparing the last few things for our Christmas lunch while Dad and I spent time together. We would then sit down and eat a beautiful lunch while listening to traditional Christmas music. We would have a roast for lunch with Yorkshire puddings and pavlova and ice cream for desert.

The afternoon and evening were spent enjoying each others company and having a light dinner after the lunch we had. At the end of the whole day I was tired but very happy and thankful for the day I had experienced.

It does not matter if you have a blanket of snow on your lawn or a war sunny summers day a traditional Christmas can be held wherever you and your loved ones are. A Happy, Holy and Traditional Christmas to you all