Christmas Eve Choir Mouse

For our Christmas gift to friends and family my kids and I put together a booklet. We included art work, origami instructions, drawing guides and stories we created ourselves. This is my part of the booklet, a story called Christmas Eve Choir Mouse. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to print it out and share it. God bless you and thank you for your support. ❤️

Abel and his five brothers and sisters lived in a wee home in the crevasse of a stone at Saint Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria.

They had a happy life. Abel’s father worked cleaning and dusting the art and candle holders around the church and in return the Mouse family was allowed to keep any nuts, pretzels or other goodies left behind by parishioners after services.

Christmas was Abel’s favorite time of year. Often the little children coming to the cathedral would leave him bits of oranges, peppermint candies or even chocolate. Oh what a feast Abel and his brothers and sisters had at Christmas time!

The candies and fruit were very nice but they were not his favorite reason for the holidays. Abel’s favorite reason for loving Christmas time was hearing the boys choir practicing their Christmas music in the cathedral.

Their lovely voices would lift high and sweet and echo just perfectly throughout the cathedral as they sung about the night Christ was born. Abel felt swept away by their story of a man and a woman, a manger and the birth of the child who had come to save the world.

“They sound like angels.” Abel whispered one afternoon to his father as they swept the front steps.

“I wish I could sing in the choir.” Abel remarked.

“Well, why can’t you?” His father asked. Abel was surprised.

“But I’m just a tiny mouse, would anyone even be able to hear me?” Abel asked.

“God would hear you.” His father said. “And so will I.” A smile spread across Abel’s whiskered face.

“Father, may I go ask the choir director now if I may sing with them?” Abel gushed.

“Of course, I’ll finish sweeping the steps. Run and catch him before practice is over for today.” His father chuckled.

Abel dashed up the steps, into the cathedral and across the floor to where the boys were standing, in their white robes, voices ringing out like crystal bells.

“Um..excuse me.” Abel timidly asked the choir director. The director didn’t hear him.

“Excuse me!” The nervous mouse piped a little louder.


“Sir!” Abel yelled.

Suddenly the director was aware of the mouse at his foot.

“Yes?” He asked “What do you want?”
“I would like to sing in the choir!” The mouse said.

“You?” The director asked, chuckling. “Can you sing? Would anyone even hear such a small creature as yourself?”

Abel scratched his head, shuffled his feet and looked down. Then he remembered what his father had said and he looked up with a start.

“God will hear me, and so will my dad!” He declared. The choir director smiled despite himself at the boldness and faith of this little mouse.

“Alright, alright.” The director said. Work on your pitch and be here bright and early for rehearsals in the morning.

Abel was delighted!

All that evening he sat by the hearth inside his family’s tiny mouse hole and practiced singing with his mother. Long after his brothers and sisters were asleep Abel worked at reading notes and getting his voice to sound just right.

He woke early the next morning, ate a cold breakfast, put on his best coat and rushed to practice -careful to arrive on time.

The director went over some things with Abel and asked him to match some sounds he played on different instruments. After deciding what parts Abel should sing the director placed him in the choir.

Abel was the shortest by far as he stood by the feet of the other boys. The boys weren’t sure what to think about having a small mouse in the choir with them and at first they made fun of him for being so little and having such a quiet voice.

“God can hear me just fine.” Abel remarked with confidence, and went right on singing.

At the lunch break Abel sat alone and munched on some bits of cold toast.

“You don’t eat much.” one of the boys said.

“I don’t have to, I’m a mouse!” Abel laughed and soon all the boys were laughing and joking together and everyone forgot Abel was a mouse. They all felt like friends.

All week the boys spent long hours rehearsing for the big performance on Christmas Eve. The cathedral was cold in the mornings, so cold that Abel’s whiskers would gather tiny ice drops on the ends.

At night Abel was very tired as he hurried to finish his chores after practice and help Momma Mouse with all the little mice at home.

When Christmas Eve came Abel was feeling very nervous. Momma Mouse helped him wash up and comb his hair just right.

“Why do I need to look so clean?” Abel asked, “No one can see me down by everyone’s feet.”

“God can see you.” His momma said and Abel smiled.

When it was time to sing a quiet hush fell over everyone in the cathedral. As the boys began to sing about the baby Jesus, Abel’s heart felt like it would burst, he was so happy and he knew, God could hear him.

The end. Merry Christmas!

Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, known in Austria as Stephansdom was dedicated in 1147 right before the Second Crusade.

It has been added to, expanded and had portions rebuilt many times over the centuries. It is the place where the famous composer Beethoven discovered he had gone totally deaf.

He noticed birds flying away from the church because the bells were ringing and realized he could not hear the 23 bells. Saint Stephen’s boasts 5 chapels as well as many tombs, catacombs and crypts.

Cemeteries surrounding the cathedral date back to Roman times. It’s roof is well known for its unique designs and tiles.

The Hazel dormouse is a small rodent found in Europe. They are usually found living in hazel trees or similar vegetation.