Press Release: Regarding Wife With A Purpose’s Church Membership

Media Contact:

Ayla Stewart


Ayla, at a church function with her youngest child, in November of 2017

December 19th 2017 – In the summer of 2017, in order to protect my family and community from threats, lies and a smear campaign perpetrated by the media, especially the Salt Lake Tribune, I declared that my church affiliation denomination and attendance was hence forth going to be a private matter, and I would continue to classify myself as I always had, as a Christian.

It is totally false to claim, in any way, that I am a “Mormon” or affiliated in any way with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

However, let me be perfectly clear, I have at no time been disciplined, or even spoken to, regarding my political views or activism by a leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, at any level, from Bishop to Prophet.

The church we choose to attend, the manner in which my family worships, and the beliefs we hold, are strictly between us and God and no one else. They are actions, beliefs and decisions we have made as a family based on our testimonies and experiences and have not been influenced or directed by any earthy, external force.


Ayla Stewart

Wife With A Purpose