Who Has Already Won

What the Christian baker, Mr. Phillips, has been through in the court system has, in a way, happened to us all.

The case of the Christian baker who was sued after refusing to make a gay wedding cake, has gone all the way to the Supreme Court.

The New York Times reports…

On Tuesday, the court will consider whether Colorado may deny Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, the right to sell custom wedding cakes because he cannot in conscience create them for same-sex weddings. Mr. Phillips, who has run his bakery since 1993, sells off-the-shelf items to anyone, no questions asked. But he cannot deploy his artistic skills to create cakes celebrating themes that violate his religious and moral convictions. Thus he does not design cakes for divorce parties, lewd bachelor parties, Halloween parties or same-sex weddings.

Many Americans on both side of the political spectrum are holding their breath, waiting anxiously for the outcome of this case which has dragged on for years.

Yet in a very real way, in the day-to-day of most Americans’ lives, this case has already been settled. The verdict? This man is in the wrong and he is in the wrong precisely for being a Christian.

The ramifications of this case and other cases, coupled with the fact that when the baker is gay and does the same thing in reverse, no fines or legal action are taken, has served to drastically alter American society.

Take the case of a woman I will call “Sue.” I spoke with Sue two weeks ago. Sue works as a secretary for her local church. She lives in a small town in the deep South.

“All I wanted was a little…” she says making a sign in the air like a cross. “Just a little cross, you know, made out of icing.”

She tells me of an incident a few weeks ago where she was buying cupcakes at a bakery for a church event. She thought it would be nice if they could just add a little cross made of icing to the top. She thought it would be a cute treat for the children working hard in their church lessons.

“But they wouldn’t do it.” she continues, shaking her head sadly from side to side. A long time resident of her small, conservative town, she never thought she’d see such a day.

“I asked all over town.” she says.

“No bakery in your whole town would add icing crosses to the top of cupcakes?!” I ask her, surprised.

“Nope. Not one.” she replied.

What has happened to our country when even small, Bible belt towns in the US have not one bakery willing to add a simple cross to the top of a cupcake?

What the Christian baker, Mr. Phillips, has been through in the court system has, in a way, happened to us all. The fear of Leftist, anti Christian, attacks has most decent, hard working Americans terrified of losing everything to this new form of “law-fare” and like the “warfare” it’s named for, it can be just as brutal.

If you as a citizen dares to say one thing that is not in lock step with the Leftist agenda (which is constantly changing by the way) then you’re out of a home, you’re out of a job, you lose your friends, family, etc.

Consequently, many Americans are simply too afraid to take a stand so rather than do so they’ll turn down even the simplest request and as quick as that, we live in a country where a church secretary cannot get a cross put on top of a cup cake.

This is the way a culture dies.


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