Send Your Santa Letters to This German Town & Santa Writes Back!

Every year one of our homeschool projects is to write a letter to Santa. For very young children they can simply use this exercise to practice writing their name or you can write words for them to trace. Bigger children can work on spelling and learning how to format a letter.

This is also good penmanship practice and I have my high schooler use this letter as a time to practice using some bigger or unusual vocabulary words in a sentence -words like eradicated, criteria, and advocate.

When we are done we mail them to an address in Germany where the small town of volunteers answers every letter they get (don’t worry, they speak 30 different languages) and sends a letter and some stickers back for the children so they have their very own letter from Santa.

Here is the address:

An den Weihnachtsmann Weihnachtspostfiliale

16798 Himmelpfort, Deutschland

Merry Christmas!


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