Saint Nicholas Day Home School Packets!

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As many of you know, I’m in the process of writing some TradLife books, but while you wait for those I’ve begun releasing seasonal celebration guides for European and White Culture holidays that my family and I have celebrated, traditionally, for years. The first one I have to offer is a Saint Nicholas Day Home School Packet!


This 14 page printable packet is full of holiday fun for kids ages 5-12. Learn more about the European celebration of Saint Nicholas Day which falls on December 6th! Packet includes:

-coloring pages
-three Saint Nicholas stories
-fill-in-the-blank word hunt
-word jumble
-comprehension reading questions
-cut-and-paste word sorting game
-pictures and descriptions of the celebration of Saint Nicholas Day in Europe
-a full page of easy Saint Nicholas Day celebration ideas for you and your family
-traditional Saint Nicholas verse

Get in touch with your history and heritage this holiday season and keep the traditions alive!

I highly recommend getting this packet and downloading it even if you don’t have children yet or your children are very little. Spend just $1.99 every so often now, when I release these packets, and by the time your child comes along or comes of age you’ll have a HUGE digital library of educational resources that emphasis ethnically European culture all bought and paid for! No big lump sum to buy them all at once! Invest now in your child’s future!