If I Had It To Do Over, Advice On Talking About Our Interests

We all know that to some extent there’s nothing you can do to not be called a Nazi and be drug through the muck online if you dare to speak about race, white interests, white homelands or conservative values at all. But after doing this activism for nearly three years now I have learned a trick or two that makes it a little easier.

I was recently asked what I would do if I could go back and do everything over again. So, if you’re still new to activism and you’re at all to the right of Elizabeth Warren listen up. Here are my best tips.

1. Don’t Make Jokes

I would not have ever made any jokes or said anything sarcastically because the Left will always pretend you’re serious and use it against you no matter how obvious it is you’re joking.

This means reserve jokes for spaces where you can say you’re joking such as YouTube or a blog. Don’t joke on Twitter, there aren’t enough character spaces to explain fully.

2. Don’t Ignore the Real Nazis

Real Nazis will latch onto you and they will comment on your posts and videos. In the beginning I made it clear I was not an actual Nazi and I thought that was enough but if I had it to do again I would have fired back at every Nazi comment on my posts and said “I’m not a Nazi” every single time, just a few times isn’t enough and ignoring them isn’t enough either. You’re going to get called a Nazi either way but never let it slide.

3. Keep Your Message Simple

I would have picked two or three topics and stuck just to those. Even though it seems you’re repeating yourself over and over I find that’s what you have to do, keep it simple, keep repeating, in order to get your real message out there.

I have said things hundreds of times that even my close followers aren’t aware of because at a point no one can keep track of everything you’ve ever said. Keep it simple, keep repeating your main ideas.

4. Staying Anonymous

I would have used Delete Me to erase what I could from the internet regarding my address and such and worked harder to stay anonymous by not mentioning what religion I was specifically and not saying what state I lived in. I also would have used a fake name.

5. No Labels, No Organizations

Don’t accept labels because then the press can twist them however they want like they did to “alt right” after Charlottesville. Don’t join any organizations officially because you never know what way they will go and you will forever be painted as having the same beliefs as them.

Also don’t publicly declare affiliation with any religious or civic organization because they will try to use you to shame that organization.

I hope these tips help people thinking about getting active in this movement. God bless!


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Ayla, is a stay-at-home, homeschooling, home birthing, mother of six children. She holds a Master’s degree and is a former Leftist whose prolife and pro family values along with the grace of God, led her to TradLife. In addition to WifeWithAPurpose.com, you can follow her on Twitter @apurposefulwife, YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/adorableayla), www.instagram.com/wifewithapurpose, www.Facebook.com/TradLife, www.wrongThink.net/wifeWithAPurpose, www.minds.com/WifeWithAPurpose, www.gab.ai/Wifewithapurpose and www.adorableayla.tumblr.com