Attack on Rand Paul That Nearly Cost Him His Life

Photo credit: Chicago Tribune

BOWLING GREEN, KY The mainstream press is still pretending it has no idea why Senator Rand Paul was viciously attacked on the Antifa/Resist “Day of Action” in early November.

Immediately following the attack false reports that Sen. Paul’s neighbor had attacked him over an ongoing neighborly dispute were refuted here at Wife With A Purpose when my investigation showed the neighbor to be a radical Leftist who chose to strike Paul on the very day that far left extremists had promised to behead white parents and Trump supporters in the streets.

Sen. Paul’s wife told media that her family has been through much agony because not only are Sen. Paul’s injuries sometimes life threatening (he has 5 broken ribs and a punctured lung which often requires emergency attention to keep him breathing) but the lies the media has spread since the incident -trying to spin it as if somehow Rand deserved the attack- have been salt in the wound.

Why is it, that a housewife with a blog can undercover and report the plain facts that media giants refuse to? Why do they continue to purposely hide important information from the public?

This was a deliberate attack on a right wing politician by a radical Leftist on the day that domestic terrorists had planned and promised an attack on right leaning American citizens and the mainstream press is complicit in covering it up!

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