The Upcoming Twitter Purge



Twitter has announced new policy changes recently. In the wake of deverification for folks like yours truly, Richard Spencer, Tommie Robinson and Laura Loomer this week, Twitter has announced that starting December 18th it will terminate any Twitter accounts it thinks, may be, linked to Neo Nazi groups.

This comes on the same day the ADL , who is working with Twitter, has announced that Neo Nazis crawling through America have traded in their Swastikas for an American flag and that both symbols should be treated the same.

Let that sink in a minute.

My Twitter days are numbered, not because of anything I’ve actually said or anything I actually believe but because other people think I’m hiding some secret Nazi agenda that I’m “sanitizing.” Do you grasp the insanity of this?

It doesn’t matter what I say. How many times I tweet that I don’t hate minorities, that I don’t believe in Nazism, the-powers-that-be have label me a ‘Nazi” and claim they know my inner thoughts.



My best friend is literally a black woman, my adopted step dad and my little brother are Jewish, I have 4 non white adopted siblings, I’ve never said whites are a superior race. If they can label me, without cause, and shut me down what can they do to you?

When I started my activism I never imagined how much censorship I would get. I thought as long as I was upfront and honest about my beliefs I would be fine. But they are shutting me down across multiple platforms not because of what I’ve said but because of what they think I think! Insanity!

I’ve been banned from Patreon, Pinterest, Zoho, Facebook (3 times!), not allowed to monetize on YouTube or WordPress. Outright lied about in #FakeNews across the country. Our enemies aren’t rational or fair. They don’t play by our rules.

What do I believe? That all races have a right to exist and stay the majority in their homelands and the countries they built, including whites. I believe that the family is the most important foundation of our society and that traditional values help all people thrive.

I don’t “hate” any group of people. I’ve never called for violence, discrimination, segregation, etc. Nothing. I will NOT raise my children to think there is something wrong or shameful about being white. I am raising them with Christian values and we will not be silenced!

The anti white, anti traditionalism elites have no idea how much their modern day witch hunt is going to back fire. They’ve created a generation, Gen Z, that make my values look liberal. These kids are sick of this nonsense and they are not as polite as I am about it.

My warning cry is for the whole of our nation, not just Twitter, not just conservatives, not just whites. Everyone. Look to some of the biggest enslavements and mass genocides in history, THIS is how it begins. Why can we not learn from that?

Despite the bleak outlook on the horizon, our God is a mighty God, keep praying!


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Ayla, is a stay-at-home, homeschooling, home birthing, mother of six children. She holds a Master’s degree and is a former Leftist whose prolife and pro family values along with the grace of God, led her to TradLife.  In addition to, you can follow her on Twitter @apurposefulwife, YouTube (,,,,, and