The Sutherland Springs Baptist Church Shooting 

Sutherland Springs, Texas. The largest Church shooting in modern American history has occurred Sunday, November 5th, 2017, at Sutherland Springs Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, a small community approximately a half hour east of San Antonio. CNN  is reporting on Twitter that 27 people are confirmed dead (which is 7% of the total population of the tiny town), including the gunman himself, and that a YouTube recording device used for recording church sermons may have captured the event. 

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Members of the church had recently celebrated their annual Fall Festival only a few days ago (Source: Facebook)

Devin Patrick Kelley has been identified as the man who stormed the small town church and committed the massacre. Authorities in the case held back Kelley’s name from the public, all day long on Sunday, only releasing it well after they had deleted/scrubbed all of the 26 year old’s social media accounts causing many to speculate that the media and authorities are hiding the gunman’s true motives and affiliations in order to create their own narrative that this crime was committed by a conservative, Christian, man. 

As we are waiting for the names of victims we can see from the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church’s Facebook page the church community appears to be comprised primarily of white and Latino families as well as elderly members. The death toll age range is being reported as 5-72 years. 

This event comes just a day after Senator Rand Paul was violently attacked at his home in Kentucky by a radical, anti Trump, Leftist and less than a week since 8 people lost their lives on a bike path in New York City to an Islamic terrorist

The Sutherland Springs Church shooting, which clearly targeted conservative, Christian, families, is the most recent tragedy in an increasing pattern of violence toward Americans with traditional values. Liberals refusing to accept the result of the last Presidential election and vowing to “resist” those who elected what they’ve deemed the “Trump regime”have been emboldened by liberal media and bias reporting. 

This is a developing story, please check back for updates. 

Update: Breitbart News Reports that a good guy with gun stopped this tragedy from being worse, “Texas Department of Public Safety Region 6 Director Freeman Martin told reporters during a press conference that a local resident engaged the shooter with his own weapon. Devin Kelley then dropped his Ruger AR-15 rifle and got in his car to leave. The resident pursued Kelley’s vehicle until it crashed. Police found Kelley dead inside his vehicle. It is not clear if he shot himself or if the resident shot him, Martin stated.”

Update: It has been reported that Devin Kelley had been dishonorably discharged from the military and thus, it was illegal for him to possess a firearm. So, legal gun owners nearby confronted and stopped Kelley from killing even more people. 

Update: (Unconfirmed) Apparently Devin Kelley’s Facebook page shows that he was an atheist. He also dressed in all black during the shooting, which is the uniform of Antifa. 

Update: NBC Tweeted, “JUST IN: Texas church shooter was court-martialed in 2012 for assault on his spouse and their child and received a Bad Conduct Discharge”
Update: More evidence of his atheism is surfacing. Also his wife may have been a member of the church.

Update: Angels truly jumped into action at Sutherland Church as word from the New York Post comes in that Stephen Willeford, the hero neighbor who grabbed his rifle and came to the rescue of those still alive in the church, managed, somehow, with no military training, to shoot Kelley through a gap in his body armor.

From the New York Post “The man hailed as a hero for confronting the Texas mass shooter during his rampage is a sharpshooting plumber with no military background — who hit the gunman through a gap in his body armor, according to a report. Stephen Willeford managed to shoot Devin Kelley before jumping in another man’s truck and chasing him down, the Daily Mail reported.”

Update: The victims names have been released, one of the victims, Crystal Holecombe, was 8 months pregnant, making the actual victim count 27 plus the shooter, for a total loss of life of 28. 

Updates for this story have ended.

You can donate to Sutherland Springs Church on their Facebook page here



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