Hate Round Up {Facebook}

Well, with everything in the news it’s been an interesting few months especially in the department of online stalkers and trolls. Here is just a small sampling of two months worth of hate mail from just my Facebook page’s direct messages alone. This does not include my Facebook Page, personal Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube which also get the same sorts of messages on a daily basis. Keep in mind, I’ve never claimed whites are superior in any way, I’ve never advocated hate or violence, and I’ve never said anything negative about an entire group of people or any individual based on their race. 


One thought on “Hate Round Up {Facebook}

  1. Remember, we live in a sick world. These people are sick. They are not even aware of their deluded state of mind. They are the shock troops of capitalists and marxists that denigrate the human spirit. You, meanwhile, are a warrior princess for your people. You are not alone.


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