My DNA Test Was Shocking…

So, as people who have been following me for a while know, when I first started out gaining some attention online I often made reference to my Native American heritage (I mentioned it briefly on my first interview with Lana of Red Ice TV for example). I grew up my whole life being told that my grand mother’s, grandmother was Pamunkey Powhatan. I had her name, her tribe name, tons of information on her ancestors and also some possible links to the Lakota tribe as well. I did a lot of research on this and had an extensive paper trail, so imagine my shock when my DNA test in 2015, came back 100% European! 😮


What shocked me further was that I was basically half Germanic, half British. My family had lived in the “melting pot” of America for 400 years and no one had recently so much as glanced at any other kind of European, let alone anyone else. I really didn’t expect that. I excepted to be much more mixed -after all, that’s the narrative we are given, but it turns out my story isn’t unique. Now that DNA testing is possible it has found that overwhelming white people in America are…well….white. For all this business about diversity whites in America are still 98.6% European on average.


Family myths and legends about Cherokee Princess grandmothers are popular but I wonder what will happen now that white Americans can see for themselves what their ancestry is and I also wonder how the American narrative of being a melting pot, pushed on so many of us as children, will hold up under the light of DNA science. Time will tell….


(And yes, I know my real name is on my test but the mainstream news has fully doxed me at this point so it doesn’t really matter anymore does it?)

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  1. Thanks for sharing. It seems it’s hip to have Native American or some other non-white “ethnic” blood in the family line these days and “boring” to have straight white Euro genes. At least it’s always promoted in the Ancestry commercials and the public at large that finding out you have Native American ancestry is cool.

    I’m glad that I’m mostly Northern European, but it wasn’t like that growing up in school where every other ethic group wore their ethnic pride on their sleeve. I didn’t know much about my own heritage back then other than the Irish side.

    I’m 99% European with Blonde/Blue Green eyes, but not sure about the breakdown of the DNA matches. My last name (paternal) is Norse French, with Swedish on the female side. Maternal side is Irish, English.

    Here’s my breakdown:
    74% Great Britain (I have a lot of Welsh people who match me via FTDNA),
    12% Iberian Peninsula (Possibly some Spanish or “Black Irish”)
    5% Scandinavian (Definitely my Swedish side)

    Low Confidence Region
    3% Finland/Northwest Russia
    2% Ireland
    1% Europe West
    < 1% Europe East
    < 1% Italy/Greece
    <1% Middle East (Not sure where that's from if at all)

    Again, thanks for sharing and being strong to "come out of the closet" sort to speak for supporting white culture.

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      • They list in the pop up notes that it’s statistically insignificant since it’s way less than 1% and most likely a random error in testing. It’s all good. 🙂


  2. You hate her ideas – and what she represents – so you attack her. Um, news flash, nobody cares what you think. You have no original ideas – just hate. And hate is boring and ugly. I bet you are a real charmer. Do you have an idea about anything? Or just spew hate on people with ideas you do not understand?


    • I agree with my little haiku. I’m a Mormon and I have been astonished at the hateful theatrics from within my own church. Thank you Ayla for being strong. I pray God will bless you through these difficulties.


  3. I’ve heard that many people have had their “Cherokee Princess” family legacy dispelled by DNA testing. In my case, it was confirmed. I grew up being told that I was 1/16th Native American and hearing that most of those stories were false was actually one of the reasons I decided to get tested. Lo and behold, it came back with 6% native DNA. In fact, it turned out that my family was correct about what our heritage comprised of, no surprises at all.

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  4. I had an interesting revelation with mine as well. Despite being born in the US, to parents both born in the US, and with a 1 or 2 grandparents born in the US, we nevertheless identified as “Mexican-American.” Turns out I am 70% European (split between 40% Italy and 30% Iberian Peninsula), 20% Native American, 10% mix of lots of other regions including trace Irish, Great Britain (opposite of you as I see you have trace Italy/Greece and Iberian Peninsula),

    When you think about it, however, it makes sense since “Mexican” ethnicity is made up of a Spanish-Indian combo. Still, I wish every young person of Mexican descent would take a DNA test because, unless they’re from the southern state of Chiapas where they could be nearly 100% native, they will, like me, find that they are a certain percentage European. When they see that, it will make them realize the idea of “white privilege” is ridiculous as they share in that beautiful European history and they should embrace it and protect it.

    Also, to the extent they are of Mexican descent, that heritage will only go so far back before it slits off between European and Native. For me, the spilt was much more recent than I would have expected. For example, my father was born in the US, his mother was born in Mexico, her mother was born in Italy. From there, all previous ancestors to her were European, so there was just a brief one generation connection to Mexico, all previous ties are to Europe.

    How many social justice warriors of Mexican descent have a similar past? Probably many or most yet they waste their time feeling inferior and tearing down those with whom they actually share a European heritage.

    Instead of wasting their time at rallies, they should join and get into genealogy. More fun and could actually create more peace!

    Blessings to you!


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