Mormon Conference, Spring 2017

Memorial Day weekend, 2017, was historic -the very first Mormon Right conference took place. With about a dozen adults as well as a bushel of kids in attendance the weekend was filled with lots of fun and fellowship.

We kicked things off with a pool party and followed that up by going out to dinner for pizza.

The next day we met up at our conference room and listened to three talks given on the Alt Right and the Gospel, Postmodernism and Cultural Marixism’s Affect on Mormonism, and True Christian Charity. (I will be uploading these on my YouTube channel soon as audio recordings)

We finished up our weekend with lunch together and wished each other well on our journeys home.

Our attendees hailed from many different states, from all across the US, some flying 5 hours to attend. All in all it was a huge success with another meeting already planned for the fall!