Young Woman Never Knew About Trad Life

Along my journey I’ve been so grateful to God that He has helped me realize the purpose of what He has called me to do, and not only that, but I am blessed with the privilege of seeing, first hand, how my struggle to let women and families know they have a choice and that they can lead a traditional lifestyle based on God’s plan for families, has impacted women around the world. 

I was so happy yesterday to receive an email from a young woman living in another Western country. She has asked that I keep her identity private (women today cannot openly support traditional values without fear of social repercussions, that’s how bad things are) but she agreed to let me share a few quotes from her email. I hope they inspire you to keep fighting the good fight for Trad Life as they did me! Enjoy! 

“I saw your interviews on Red Ice radio and was shocked to see how much the mainstream media twisted your words todemonize  you. I then looked at your Twitter and hearing your message had a profound effect on me.”
“[I live] where multiculturalism is rampant and pretty much everyone I know (especially my age) is strongly left wing. My eyes have been opened to the damage that mass immigration has done on my beautiful country.” 
“Reading your Twitter made me realise that it’s okay to be a ‘boring’ white woman that has traditional values. Even abstaining from alcohol and drugs, rap music and being monogamous means I am ridiculed by my peers so it’s wonderful to see women like you standing up for people like us. ”
“In the space of a few days I’ve started questioning my SJW liberal viewpoint and I’ve decided that I would like to be a trad wife. I cannot thank you enough for being vocal about your beliefs because otherwise I never would have been exposed to them, since the mainstream media does such a great job promoting liberal ideology.”
“…please take this email as words of encouragement that you are doing the right thing, and are touching the lives of people across the world. God bless you.”
Keep fighting friends! We are impacting the world for God!