Colleges Are Teaching That Whites Are Evil and It’s Getting People Killed! 

Why won’t the MSM (mainstream media) report on the connection between anti white hate speech in college classrooms, anti white vanadalism and attacks on, and the murder of, white students? 
For several years now the racist, anti white hate speech and practices of universities and professors has really amped up. 

Professors openly calling for white genocide..

At the University of Austin this has been ignored. The campus was recently spray painted with anti white, anti frat boy graffiti all over the historic campus, but did you hear about it? No. 

Then, yesterday, this black man and memeber of antifa, a man who has videos posted to YouTube about killing whites and burning their homes down, walked onto campus, killed one white boy and attempted to kill more before being taken into custody. 

The boy he killed was named Harrison Brown. Say his name. Harrison Brown. He’s dead because our society condones, supports and encourages anti white, anti male hyperbole with not so much as a whimper of a push back. The entirely peaceful #WhiteLivesMatter group is labeled a hate group by the SPLC while #BlackLivesMatter members have literally gunned down cops and they are heralded as MSM heroes. People are busy punching Richard Spencer in the face despite the fact that he’s harmed no one, they are even suing the people who come to the aid of Richard’s mother when he was being blackmailed and extorted out of her property and livelihood but no one goes after the people promoting and carrying out the real violence in our streets.
Harrison Brown, say his name!