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  1. In response to your “Beyoncé” fit you are throwing – James the Mormon isn’t directly glorifying Beyoncé OR that specific song in his tweet. He is simply quoting a catchy song talking about empowering women. When he says “thank you for all that you do”, he is not thanking Beyoncé! HE IS THANKING ALL WOMEN AND SIMPLY QUOTING THE TITLE OF A SONG that goes with the point he is trying to make – which, quite frankly, is a point church leaders make quite often – thanking women for all that they do. I’ve never read a more judgmental blog than yours. If you are trying to stop promoting judgmental people, stop being one in the first place.


    1. Sometimes those who raise a warning voice are dismissed as judgmental. Paradoxically, however, those who claim truth is relative and moral standards are a matter of personal preference are often the same ones who most harshly criticize people who don’t accept the current norm of “correct thinking.” One writer referred to this as the “shame culture”: -Elder Christofferson, General Conference, April 2017


    2. “empowering women”

      What ‘powers’ do women lack in your view? — so that a song about “empowering” women is admirable, worth defending, maybe even necessary — also, why do you think anyone should find your opinion about what a tweet really means valuable or interesting?


      You appear to be what is called nowadays a snowflake — sorry to break this to you, but being “judgmental” about one thing or another is basically what we all do 24/7 — eg here I could accuse you of being “judgmental” about this blog — but then I am not as stupid and childish as you are — but I am obviously being “judgmental” here — sorry about that.


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