Response to Media Attacks

Thank you to Red Ice TV for helping me get my side of the story out!


7 thoughts on “Response to Media Attacks

  1. I came across your blog via the many alternative news sites that circulate Facebook. I can see that you have good intentions, but that you feel tragically misunderstood by the LDS community at large. I know this is an old post but I can’t help but wonder why you can’t see why many of your points are not only offensive but uneducated. We can not define LDS culture as a white culture, it is not has not been nor ever will be a white culture.

    The LDS standpoint is clear this church is for all of God’s children. I am sure many of your friends and neighbors who served LDS missions served outside the United States among foreign peoples. I served in the United States among the Hispanic communities. These are an industrious hard working people whether or not they are documented they are hard working family people and good Christians. I also had the privilege of serving many refugees, many of them were muslims from Syria, the muslims who I served were among the kindest humblest and most faithful people I knew. To call out entire groups as terrorists and enemies of the faith is dangerous because it is they whom we must love, because they too are our neighbors. You may not condone their actions, but you can not condem the people. These people from the standpoint of our LDS doctrine our the lost tribes of Israel being gathered to their land of promise. So what if their skin and culture are different, the restoration is ongoing new truths are being revealed both by the Lord’s servants and devout scientists. To assume all is done and that we need no more from our new members is to silence their beautiful and inspiring minds cultures and histories. History is not done with us yet the pioneers are not just those white people who crossed the plains, the pioneers are also those generations yet to be born who will be the first to accept the resorted gospel, every member is a pioneer.

    Please stop making this about me or you, so what if white people go extinct? Skin color doesn’t really matter, if you want the black lives matter to get over themselves then lead the way and suck it up buttercup because we have white privilege oozing out of our mouths right now if we both are wasting this much time on energy deciding/debating over the validity of white culture in the LDS church. But if you think our culture is dying then do me a favor if you have ancestors who didn’t speak English as their native language, learn that language and read their literature and adopt their customs. However to me that doesn’t really matter, because I all I honestly care about is that the teachings of Christ are preserved along with everyone’s religious freedom.
    Thanks for your time.
    P.S. I would like to discuss this with you further.
    Oh and red ice really need to work on the grammar if I am to take them seriously. Women is plural it should have been woman.


    • I couldn’t even make it past your first paragraph because you just straw man right off the bat and I cannot abide logical fallacies. I never defined LDS culture as white culture, I defined Utah LDS culture as white culture because it was built and created by whites, the same as Japanese culture was created and built by the Japanese. LDS culture in Africa is African and LDS culture in Brazil is Brazilian, etc.


    • Just,saw the Red Ice bit of your comment when I was about to close the window, Red Ice is run by people from Sweden who speak English as a second language so good job on being ignorantly judgmental. It would have taken you two seconds on google to learn that honestly. When you can speak a second language AND run a news organization in that language with over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, you let me know.


  2. First off thank you for replying. I understand my initial comment seemed tangential, however I had a lot of points that I wanted to cover, I also apologize for my ignorance with regards to red ice.
    However, I would still like to address some of the points I made. Maybe I made a straw man attack based on a misunderstanding of your viewpoints but let’s move past that.
    I have been reading your post about the alt-right movement, I think that the alt-right movement is dangerously close in certain nuances to that of fascism. We can not deny that we live in a global society and to refute globalization is turning back into the past. We can not move away from the global community without losing our standing as a light and beacon of hope. What justifications or benefits would you give to support this nationalist and anti globalist view? Let us be honest, I can not understand why you want, or even support the alt-right. I want to understand but I can’t Of my own logic or reason see why you would, Globalization is what has allowed the gospel to be spread, computers, planes, phones, and all these marvels which allow us to communicate right now are part of globalization. Christianity after the resurrection took root because the romans had already laid the framework of globalization in the Mediterranean and Europe. What right do we have to cut off Gods children from this land of promise.
    Additionally, I would like to ask a question about the alt-right position you hold on science, do you accept the conclusion that global climate change is a direct result of humans use of fossil fuels? I know many on the “right” do not accept this assertion, and if you don’t, why not?
    I hope this isn’t to rambling for you as I want to have a real conversation about this.


    • Again, you aren’t providing me any logical arguments here. I got about a paragraph in this time. Globalism is not a given. I reject globalism. You cannot begin a logical debate setting up the parameters that one thing is good or preferable and then continue to build from there. Let me recommend you to Stephen Moyneux, he has very similar beliefs to me in most things (he’s an atheist is where we differ most) but he has a Youtube channel. He has a PhD in philosophy and has videos not only on how to build a logical argument and frame work but also about most of the political issues you have questions about. I recommend his channel which is called Free Domain Radio. Anything he’s done in the past year or so since he became alt right/alt lite would be of particular interest. (His older videos reflect his more out dated views) Please give him a try. Other channels on YouTube I recommend you can learn from are Millennial Woes, Jordan B Peterson, and Sargon of Akkad. Have a nice day.


      • Thanks for your time but I fear our conversation has to end here. I have tried raising points for conversation, but I can see a conversation is not what you are looking for. You say I should not start a debate based on certain parameters that one thing is good, but isn’t that how debates begin? Two people with different beliefs coming together to talk and discuss the pros of their side while poking at the flaws of each other’s arguments?
        My goal has been to ask questions of you, to find out where you really stand. You say media and fellow Mormons have slandered you, but you keep pointing to other sources for your defense or dodging my questions. You are giving no reason for me to side with you, to feel sympathy for you because I can’t get answers from you. You may cite other sources but pointing me to a channel or a talk in general isn’t answering my questions.
        Your testimony is your own and if your friend had a question about the Book of Mormon you wouldn’t just give them a book a. Mormon and say read. No you would show them scriptures and bear testimony.
        So don’t give me this logical fallacy excuse I ask questions and I expect answers. If you feel you don’t have an answer it is okay to admit you don’t know. But don’t dodge questions and leave it to others to defend your ideology just as you can not leave it to your stake president to defend your faith he won’t always be there for you. And neither will these people.
        I apologize if I have offended you, but I will never again visit your site after tomorrow without your explicit invitation. I can not continue a conversation with a wall. However, if you contact me, I will not refuse to discuss but I have done my part in seeking answers from you.
        U. N. Owen


      • I’m not dodging your questions at all, I’m refusing to be drug into an illogical debate that is a waste of my time and serves no purpose. I have appeared on multiple platforms and thoroughly explained my positions. If you truly seek answers I directed you to resources that could help you. If you don’t want to seek those out, that’s fine but don’t project onto me.


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