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Yes, I’m Mormon but I have say this…


The past two weeks have been a real eye opener to me in terms of the Mormon community. First, my local friends and church have been amazing. They know me, they know what’s written about me online is lies and they love me. They have treated me with so much dignity and respect.

However the larger community of “Mormons” may need to be removed from my blog description as one of the communities I focus on here. Unfortunately that community, or at least their online representatives, do not represent good christians the majority of the time. I wrote a blog in which I accurately pointed out rap’s destructive force on white, western culture (yes, if you live in America, no matter what color you are, especially if you’re in Utah, you live in a culture built by white, western, Europeans, sorry if you don’t like that fact but it’s true). Rap is also destructive, maybe more so, on black culture but that’s a post for another time.

What I said has also been pointed out by past United States Presidents, by popular talk show hosts, comedians, actors, in both the black and white communities. What I said was, only a decade ago, considered common knowledge. I pulled screen shots of James the Mormon’s videos and Twitter and pointed out where parents might not want him influencing their children. In the blog I said twice that I felt James was a sincere Mormon but that I thought even he had fallen victim to the socialist brainwashing that is taught in public schools.

Instead of actually reading what I wrote or addressing any of the issues I raised, people, Mormons, have simply attacked me. I’ve had a few comments from people who disagreed respectfully, but I could count those on one hand. Instead 99% of the comments I’ve received have been hateful nonsense, strawman arguments attacking positions I don’t have, have never made and don’t hold. Or they have simply attacked me personally instead of rebutting my points.
I have had MORMONS threaten to kill me, threaten to rape me, threaten to kill or harm my children. Mormons. Let that sink in. At one point in time Mormons were considered the nicest people in the country but so many of them have become rabidly anti traditional family, anti basic church principles and anti white.

I don’t have to hate my skin color, my culture or my people, and want them erased in order to prove I don’t hate other skin colors, cultures and people. I don’t hate them. Point blank. That’s the truth and no amount of people creating false arguments against me online about how I’m a racist will change the truth God knows.
The real racists are the ones who have threatened me and slandered me. Why? Because if I was a black woman writing about how I didn’t want white people coming into my neighborhood and changing it (they call that gentrification) I would have been applauded but as a white woman I’m ” not allowed” to say that I don’t want my neighborhood or culture ghettoized and the only reason is because I’m white. That’s the definition of racism.

None of these detractors bother me one bit. I will always fight to preserve my people and my culture and I will do so as I have always done, with grace, truth and love. God knows the truth of my heart and he knows the truth in the heart of those who have attempted to harm my family and I with words and calls of action against us. God is the judge of all things and I’m sincerely praying for the youth in our church while taking the steps I need to take in order to keep my family safe.

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  1. The Mormon community is not white. We are multicultural, multiracial. You were attacked by Mormons because you misrepresent us, as badly as any anti-Mormon does.

    But hatred and violence against you is no more justified than is your white supremacist hate speech.

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  2. Terrible. But not unexpected. There are always to be tares with the wheat. Harold B. Lee said in General Conference in 1970: “We have some tight places to go before the Lord is through with this church and the world in this dispensation, which is the last dispensation, which shall usher in the coming of the Lord. The gospel was restored to prepare a people ready to receive him. The power of Satan will increase; we see it in evidence on every hand. There will be inroads within the Church. There will be, as President Tanner has said, “Hypocrites, those professing, but secretly are full of dead men’s bones.” (Matt. 23:27) We will see those who profess membership but secretly are plotting and trying to lead people not to follow the leadership that the Lord has set up to preside in this church.”

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  3. Unfortunately a sizeable number of people within the Church have been brainwashed by today’s culture. It’s not surprising, because we are pounded night and day by the media, and hear little at Church to counterbalance these views. It makes me frustrated and sad to hear that you’ve had such hateful responses to your post from Church members. Your concerns about popular culture such as rap, and it’s negative influence on the Church, is well founded! Very few people are awake to the dangers around us….I applaud your efforts!

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  4. Hey I just love your blog and am so glad I ran across it! You are a well needed example of dedicated unworldly motherhood so very needed in these days. Hey, you know you are doing good when you get so many enemies. Yes, we have to be careful of what music we listen to. It really does have an effect on our brains.

    I wanted to ask you here, and I know this will be off topic, but I did you really have your profile removed from “I’m a Mormon”? Could you give me the story on that? What happened? I was very distressed to find that out, because any slap in your face by the church is a slap in mine ( if indeed it was the church )


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    • I was told it was removed but I can’t confirm it. The profile was 7 years old and I had long since lost the link to it. The Buzzfeed article author found it and now he says it’s down so all I have is his word (which isn’t worth much)


    • Now she’s getting trashed in the SL Tribune. The cultural Marxists really are afraid of what the alt-right represents. They are so willing to publicly and blatantly lie to scare people away from what the alt-right.

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      • Phil, you are either way too sadly uninformed to speak at the adult table, or are a liar—which is even more apparently in your comments above than they are on your response to me. Either way, you are not tall enough for this ride. The alt right cannot possibly be Nazism, since Nazism is an ideology of the Left (a fact that did not escape the Brethren—Heber J. Grant, David O. McKay, and the entirety of the 1st Presidency during the 40s mentioned it many times.) And appealing to popularity (which you’ve actually only made up, since lots of election data contradicts your self-assured dishonest statement about what the “vast majority” of America thinks) only makes your post even more ridiculous, not less. That is NOT an argument. That is nothing except the dishonest attempt to emotionally manipulate and shame people who hold views that scare you. Your comments are incoherent and absurd. For your own sake, I advise you to quit while you are “ahead.” Otherwise, your comments about the disinfecting light will be unintentionally and hilariously ironic.

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  5. Keep writing Nordic Sunrise! Your viewpoint is important. It is important for ALL people, no matter their race or culture, to have good pride in their race and culture. There is currently a global attack occurring against caucasion Peoples, and sadly, some of this attack is being perpetrated by other caucasion people. A trained psychologist needs to analyze this conflict, and why so many are against people of European descent celebrating their culture and having our own lands. I was taught we are to accept the station and culture we were born into in life, no one owes me anything, it is mine to earn. Each race has it’s gifts, and you can’t fault whites for being intelligent and building societies that the whole world wants to migrate into. People need to stay home and go back home and get help building their own societies and stop migrating to our country. And the U.S. war policy needs to stop making war on the peoples of the world and creating all these refugees.

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  6. Keep up the good work. Need more to speak up. I wish I would do more. I’m not doing my part but I support what your doing. Bottom line is what your saying is the truth. Truth will always prevail.

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  7. In “The Family: A Proclamation To The World” it talks about our “divine nature and destiny” and even explains that our “Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.” It doesn’t say anything about race being something that was or is an essential characteristic of eternal identity.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with being proud of your race and where your heritage comes from, whether from Mexico, Europe, China or Africa. But to be honest, I don’t think race will matter when we return to live with Heavenly Father. In fact, I think a lot of what we seem to feel so adamant about in this life won’t matter in the next. There won’t be titles or distinctions like Liberals or Alt-Rights, Republicans or Democrats, Americans or Syrians, Whites or Blacks.There will just be one eternal family. Allowing things of no eternal consequence to flood our minds and effect the way we treat others is the real “False God.” I think when we get to Heaven, we will all shake our heads at all the unimportant things we “stood for,” and feel embarrassed for the petty things we allowed to separate us from true Christ-like love and charity.

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    • The truth is that our personality, instincts, emotional responses, and therefore our actions are highly influenced by our genetics. If we expect our personalities to survive into the next life, they will be based on our genetics in this life. Race will not be washed away in heaven anymore than personality, or memories of this life will be. And if “Families are Forever”, who is your family? Your race. Or at least it has been up until 1978. Hence the importance of stopping interracial marriage and the sealing of one race to another. Some families are sealing to themselves people (and extended families) with more violent tendencies and less moral restraint and therefore bringing that type of personality into their family in heaven.


  8. Ayla — Some of us are building support for you around the web. There’s a hot thread in progress on the discussion board, known for its tolerance of free speech and pro-White discourse. Good luck to you and may God bless you; hope your Priesthood chain of command doesn’t sanction you. Pray for the Lord’s help in getting you through this.

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  9. I am also a life-long active Latter-Day Saints and really appreciate your blog. There are many LDS who share your views and are concerned about the ever increasing modern-day philosophies distorting Christian/LDS principles.

    In the case of refugees and immigration, Utah is tragically heading down the same road as Sweden, Germany, Britain, France, etc. A whole civilized culture built up over centuries is being replaced by just one short-sighted irresponsible generation. All the well-meaning but misplaced compassion in Europe has created an awful and increasingly dire situation. Once peaceful and desirable nations are now rotting from within with many neighborhoods, cities, and communities now resembling the 3rd world middle-east. Even far left Bill Maher understands, “it’s a fantasy to believe these refugees can assimilate into Western countries.”

    The good-intentions, compassion and kindness shown to these families will, for the most part, not be returned in favor, especially in subsequent generations. Most people seem to overlook the studies, surveys, reports, and facts: over 95% of recent refugees are Islam practicing Muslims, fundamental Islam advocates for dominating the world at all costs, the 2nd/3rd/misc generations are not integrating and are more radical than their parents, between 50-80% of European Muslims prefer replacing Western law with Sharia law, 50% of US Muslims believe Sharia Law should replace the US Constitution, the US vetting process is very ineffective, etc.

    The LDS church has never advocated for “open borders.” The church stated, “Most Americans agree that the federal government of the United States should secure its borders and sharply reduce or eliminate the flow of undocumented immigrants. Unchecked and unregulated, such a flow may destabilize society and ultimately become unsustainable.”


    • I’m interested in your statement “modern-day philosophies distorting Christian/LDS principles” and have some sincere questions for you and for the author of this blog. My goal is not to attack or demean any of your beliefs but merely to try and better understand.

      For those of us who have faith in the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ we operate under the belief that Christ restored his Gospel to the earth through modern day prophets, in fact it is the rock of continuing prophecy that is at the core of Mormon theology. We believe that through prophets He continues to lead and guide His church here on the earth and that as we struggle to deal with challenges of a rapidly changing society, with strong opinions being screamed from the tops of housetops all across the world with every philosophy imaginable represented we can count on God’s chosen Prophet and Apostles to lead us in the direction we should follow. Now I understand that those outside the Church would find this to be a strange theology, I can even see why other Christians would take some offense at this belief. What I don’t quite understand is how active members of the Church can think that they might have better insight into the culture and direction of LDS principles than God’s ordained Apostles and Prophets. As I see it if the Church is truly Christ’s restored Gospel on the earth today than you must also believe that it is being led by prophets and apostles and as such the direction from those leaders is in fact the course that God desires for His Church.

      If on the other hand you believe that the leaders of the Church are leading the membership in a direction that is contrary to the will of God than clearly those leaders are neither prophets nor apostles and the Church is therefore not Christ’s restored gospel on the earth. It seems to me that the point that you are both making is that the leadership of the Church is not addressing these important issues and are therefore not being directed by God in the affairs of the Church. Please explain to me what I am missing here because the concerns that are being expressed in this post do not seem to align with any of the concerns the Brethren are regularly counseling the membership of the Church on through their written and spoken words.

      Look, like I said earlier I don’t want to attack or demean anyone here, it dismays me to hear how some people have reacted and treated the author of this blog and I sincerely hope as a people we can start having more respectful conversations with those whom we disagree with rather than turning to hateful and petty insults that far too often mark the nature of our dialogue today. There’s no doubt in my mind that there are cultural issues that we must be diligent in navigating in todays world right but in my mind the most important example that we can follow is that of the Savior Himself to try and love our neighbors, do good to those that may disagree with us, to serve the least of those among us, to have compassion for our fellow man and to be peacemakers in in a world full of agitators.

      Here’s my honest question to the both of you, is it possible that perhaps you’re thoughts expressed here regarding culture might just be wrong?

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      • I don’t believe that having James the Mormon preform at a Youth event was a direction from God to the leadership of the church, I think they made that decision as men. Unless they’ve stated otherwise and said they picked him based on revelation then it was a marketing/business decision, not newly revealed doctrine.


      • I don’t presume to suggest that the decision to have a musician perform for a youth group comes by or through revelation, that would obviously be a ridiculous assertion. I’m merely suggesting that if the problems you are highlighting are of such importance to our well being as a people and as a church I would fully expect God’s chosen leaders to counsel us correctly on those things.

        I recognize that I don’t know everything, if you talk to my wife and children they will certainly confirm this as well 🙂 but I would simply hope that each of us has the humility to listen to others, to think and ponder on these types of important issues and have the faith to recognize when we may be wrong and always seek the will and desire of a God who knows all things.

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      • Oh and BTW just to be clear, that part about being quick to recognize when we are wrong probably applies more to me than anyone else here.


  10. I saw the article on Daily Mail and have been a big fan of Red Ice. I grew up Mormon in Mesa, AZ, went on a mission and all that. Left the church at 27, explored liberalism, moved to the Pacific Northwest, but have since become Alt-right. As I go back to visit family, I am shocked at how much they are shifting to the left and are now uncomfortable with their own race and heritage. My dad is a Bishop in his 70’s and is now listening to NPR as his main station. My siblings listen to rap and promote black culture as “cool”. Thank you so much for taking a public position opposing this trend. I can only hope efforts like yours will somehow save this portion of the Central/Northwestern European tribe and its genetics. I believe mainstream American culture is lost and is not recoverable, despite the current anomaly of Trump. We as Euro-Americans need a new homeland to establish and defend. Current U.S. borders are not worth defending. I personally am looking towards the B.C. / S.E. Alaska coast as the new homeland. I hope you folks in Utah and the intermountain west can hold your homeland, but without borders (both on land and in the media), it will be difficult. Maybe S.E. Alaska can be the Norway to Utah as Germany.

    It is sad that I can not abide in the Mormon dogma, but I dearly love the culture and the people. I often look for ex-Mormon women when looking for a partner. They have some of the best genetics, in my opinion, and the most pleasant cultural imprinting.

    Best of luck. I applaud you.


  11. I was at a YSA fireside. There were so many Samoan’s, Tongan’s, Maori’s and Asians. It was very multicultural. The problem is there some hot Asian lady what are you gonna tell that white guy who likes her? The church is certainly not Cultural Marxist but at the same time they’re not alt right. It’s great they promote raising traditional families, values, morals and everything however they don’t see how race plays into it.

    The problem is if (((they))) want to get rid of the white race in the church through race mixing and over breeding then the church has nothing to fight against it because they don’t even acknowledge it. The church is more closer to civic nationalism then anything else.

    I got unfriended from a bisexual church member because I criticized the LGBTQ and her poz friends. Even church members aren’t immune from cultural Marxism. By the way I have nothing against the islanders. I love them to death however should white people just take it if (((people))) are actively trying to destroy their identity? Why the hell should we accept this? Why only our race and not others? There’s a reason they’re doing it to us. They’re trying to weaken us and (((they’re))) very self aware.


    • There used to be a native population in the Hawaiian Islands. they had a beautiful and unique culture and were known for their friendliness. Then along came the Japanese and Caucasions from the US, and not too many generations later and to this very day, a pure blood Hawaiian is now very hard to find. I think that is really too bad and a real loss in my book.


  12. I am curious about something, If one of your children ends up marrying someone that is mixed or a different race from you what is your opinion on that? I ask because you have 6 kids and this is a very likely possibility since most people with be mixed race by 2050. And the likelihood of you having mixed grandchildren is even higher.


    • I’ve repeatedly said for literally years on blogs, twitter, YouTube, interviews, etc. that no one can help who they fall in love with and someone else’s marriage is not my business. We LDS are counseled against marrying outside our race, generally speaking, in the Aaronic priesthood lesson manual, lesson 31. Prophet Benson counsels us to marry within our own race, generally but it is not forbidden. If you truly want to know my positions you can do some basic research. A quick twitter search would show you that. Now let me ask you. Why would you EVER assume I would care or love my grandchildren any less? Why? Because I’m white that’s why. Have you EVER asked that question of a black person or an Asian person? No, you haven’t. Have you? Now you reflect on that. Why are you bias in your thoughts? Why do you hold whites to a different standard than you do other races because you know what that’s called? It’s called racism.


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