The Mormon Community

(UPDATE: July 2018: I no longer identify as Mormon)

Yes, I’m Mormon but I have say this…

The past two weeks have been a real eye opener to me in terms of the Mormon community. First, my local friends and church have been amazing. They know me, they know what’s written about me online is lies and they love me. They have treated me with so much dignity and respect.

However the larger community of “Mormons” may need to be removed from my blog description as one of the communities I focus on here. Unfortunately that community, or at least their online representatives, do not represent good christians the majority of the time. I wrote a blog in which I accurately pointed out rap’s destructive force on white, western culture (yes, if you live in America, no matter what color you are, especially if you’re in Utah, you live in a culture built by white, western, Europeans, sorry if you don’t like that fact but it’s true). Rap is also destructive, maybe more so, on black culture but that’s a post for another time.

What I said has also been pointed out by past United States Presidents, by popular talk show hosts, comedians, actors, in both the black and white communities. What I said was, only a decade ago, considered common knowledge. I pulled screen shots of James the Mormon’s videos and Twitter and pointed out where parents might not want him influencing their children. In the blog I said twice that I felt James was a sincere Mormon but that I thought even he had fallen victim to the socialist brainwashing that is taught in public schools.

Instead of actually reading what I wrote or addressing any of the issues I raised, people, Mormons, have simply attacked me. I’ve had a few comments from people who disagreed respectfully, but I could count those on one hand. Instead 99% of the comments I’ve received have been hateful nonsense, strawman arguments attacking positions I don’t have, have never made and don’t hold. Or they have simply attacked me personally instead of rebutting my points.
I have had MORMONS threaten to kill me, threaten to rape me, threaten to kill or harm my children. Mormons. Let that sink in. At one point in time Mormons were considered the nicest people in the country but so many of them have become rabidly anti traditional family, anti basic church principles and anti white.

I don’t have to hate my skin color, my culture or my people, and want them erased in order to prove I don’t hate other skin colors, cultures and people. I don’t hate them. Point blank. That’s the truth and no amount of people creating false arguments against me online about how I’m a racist will change the truth God knows.
The real racists are the ones who have threatened me and slandered me. Why? Because if I was a black woman writing about how I didn’t want white people coming into my neighborhood and changing it (they call that gentrification) I would have been applauded but as a white woman I’m ” not allowed” to say that I don’t want my neighborhood or culture ghettoized and the only reason is because I’m white. That’s the definition of racism.

None of these detractors bother me one bit. I will always fight to preserve my people and my culture and I will do so as I have always done, with grace, truth and love. God knows the truth of my heart and he knows the truth in the heart of those who have attempted to harm my family and I with words and calls of action against us. God is the judge of all things and I’m sincerely praying for the youth in our church while taking the steps I need to take in order to keep my family safe.