Ayla Stewart: Heritage, Not Hate.

Being proud of your people and your culture, wanting to preserve them, is not hateful. We afford the right of preservation to every race and culture on earth except white people. This is wrong, this is true racism. When a white person speaks out about enjoying their people and their culture everyone immediately jumps to hateful assumptions. If this describes you, you should take a deep breath and ask yourself why you’re assuming so many horrible things when nothing horrible was said nor presented.

Heritage, not hate.

3 Comments on “Ayla Stewart: Heritage, Not Hate.

  1. Ayla, I am so glad I found you ! I am an inactive Mormon myself so fed up with the politically correct modern church who seems to have forgotten our scriptures. I am so proud of you and your husband for having six beautiful white children and raising them to be proud of their heritage. I look forward to reading more of your articles. Thanks for doing what your doing !!!


  2. This is fantastic. I’m very glad I decided to search this page – I heard about it from an article at the Daily Mail. You’re spot on, Ayla, and I feel that as race relations get worse this is something to keep in mind.


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