A Fake Blog Is Circulating 

This blog pictured above is NOT mine. 
There is a lot of false information going around about me. There is a blog circulating that is not mine. Someone took blog posts from my blog http://www.motherlovergoddess.blogspot.com I wrote 10 years and uploaded them to another site along with blog posts from someone else’s blog. I do not know this other person but their blogs are mixed with mine. Since there are adds on the site and the posts are random my husband believes it is an ad bot which steals content to generate revenue. One of the blog posts stolen from my blog was my baptism story. I want to be clear the only blogs I have written are as follows…
And this blog. 

Here is a screen shot from MY blog (the one that was stolen from, I have covered my email address) As you can see my baptism posts were originally at THIS blog pictured below. (which has now been set to private) 

You don’t have to agree with my opinions but please don’t spread false information. Also be aware that as many people have threatened to harm my children when you spread my personal information, such as name and location you are, placing innocent children in jeapordy simply because you have a political and/or social disagreement with their mother.