15 Day Scripture Reading Challenge

As we embark on a new year I thought I would create a 15 day scripture reading challenge we could do together! The theme is “Learning to Trust God.” No matter what this year has in store for us, joy, heart ache, challenges or ease – placing our hopes and hearts into God’s wise hands is the BEST frame of reference we can have for the start of a new year! 

The idea is super simple. From January 10th to January 25th we will be reading and reflecting upon one chapter of scripture. Within every chapter is a gem of wisdom pertaining to our theme. Once you have read the chapter feel free to get out your journal or just relax and reflect on scriptures using the T.R.A.D. method. 

T – Theme. What was the theme of this chapter? What was it about?

R – Related verse. Choose a verse that stood out to you regarding this theme. Write it down or recite it.

A – Application. How do the theme and it’s related verse apply specifically to your life?

D – Do. What can you do to apply this chapter’s lessons to your life?