My Homemaking Schedule



I learned a while ago that the best way to keep a household on task is to have a cleaning schedule both for daily tasks and weekly tasks. I wrote this up recently. I needed to make a few changes to our current routine as I prepare for baby number six. This is what I expect myself and the children to get done daily. I post it on our fridge where they can read it. usually my oldest will assign tasks to his younger siblings when it comes to what daily deep cleaning they are doing and typically everyone has three deep cleaning tasks to do daily.

I pair my children up, one “Big” with one “Little.” Currently the two oldest boys, ages 13 and nearly 10, are buddied up with one of our two youngest, ages 4 and 2. Our 6 year old is responsible just for himself. This shifts as they shift age. The Little rotates every other day so the same Big doesn’t always have the same Little, with a day off on Sunday. So, for example, my 13 year old is paired with my 4 year old Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while he’s paired with the two year old on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The pine cones referred to are a pine cone I keep in each room and our shoe cupboard. We put essential oil on them everyday, in every room. The kids get a kick out of picking the oil scent, or blend for that day. Since it’s cold and flu season we have been using a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary and tea tree oil.




Morning Routine:

Before Breakfast: Dressed, little pottied and dressed, jurisdiction clean and approved.

After breakfast: Teeth brushed, Littles’ teeth brushed, general straightening up including living room and home school room. Clean kitchen up from breakfast. Fix the girls’ hair. Put oils in diffuser and on pine cones.


13 year old: Vacuum Living room

10 year old: Disinfect bathroom

6 year old: Take out trash in kitchen





Deep Cleaning:

Monday, Kitchen: Sweep out laundry room, wipe down washer and dryer, organize stuff on top of dryer. Wipe down stove top, hood, sides, door, broiler, pull out broiler and clean floor underneath and wipe out broiler. Wipe down cupboards top and bottom, inside the door and outside the door. Clean dish dryer, disinfect counter top, lay down fresh towel. Dust window sill and window blinds, wash window inside and out. Spray shoes in shoe cupboard, wipe down shoe shelves, put oil on pine cone. Wipe down appliances that are sitting out on the shelf. Dust the light fixture. Wipe down fridge inside and out, throw away old food.

Tuesday, Living Room: Mop tile. Dust bakers shelf, light fixtures, pictures, bookshelves, computer and homeschool room desk, window sills and blinds. Wash sliding glass door and windows in the homeschool room, inside and out. Clean behind homeschool room bookshelves and under the brown chair. Wipe down walls and door frames. Clean under couch cushions, wash couch covers every other week, febreze couches. Sweep the front porch and sidewalk, wipe down front door, scrub out kids toilet. Wipe down wall in the dining room where the Littles sit, wipe down dining room chairs.

Wednesday, Outside: Sweep the driveway and the back porch. Weed and pick up trash in the front yard and the gravel. Weed and pick up trash in the back yard landscaping. Weed garden when needed.  Straighten back porch, pick up trash. Dust out pillows and cushions. Wipe down table and chairs. Clean trash and toys out of the playground, pick up rubber chips. Mow lawn. Clean and vacuum car.

Thursday, Bathrooms: Wipe down cupboards and doors. Scrub sink and basin. Scrub toilets, wipe down toilet seat and back and base of toilet. Replace bathroom towels. Clean mirror. Dust light fixtures. Take out trash. Scrub and disinfect behind and around the toilet floor. Sweep and mop floor. Throw away trash and empty bottles. Scrub out shower. Wash rugs as needed.

Friday, Bedrooms: Clean under beds. Wash sheets. Clean out trash. Clean out toy bins. Dust shelves and surfaces. Febreze mattresses. Clean window sill, wash window, dust blinds. Dust light fixtures. Vacuum. Wipe down doors.