Santa Lucia Day! 

My favorite European, or white, tradition of all time is St. Lucia Day! I wait all year for this! I also waited 9 years to have a daughter who could be our family’s Lucia! The darkness of winter has descended and now a lovely woman brings us the light in her golden crown. She seems to be at once both angel, Goddess, Saint, Wife, mother, sister and daughter. A celebration of purity, innocence and the divine feminine. 

Unfortunately, like so many European holidays, Santa Lucia Day has been accused of being too “white” or too “European” and offensive to Muslims. That combined with declining interest from Nordic youth who have been told globalism is to be preferred to local traditions, Santa Lucia Day and its traditional prossesions, baked goods and church choirs are fading fast. I encourage you to think about celebrating this holiday in your home to keep it alive. 
God bless and God Jul!