Top Fall Movies

Pooh’s Heffalumpen Halloween 
A kids classic. Just the right amount of spooky, nothing unwholesome. 

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 

I have to admit that I don’t love that Lucy dresses up as a witch but since the rest of the spirit of the movie is so good I’m willing to overlook it. 

Curious George: Halloween Boo Fest 
If you have young boys Curious George is like crack cocaine LOL I love the sweet simple story lines with no blood and guts for a clean Halloween movie. 

There is some mild cursing in this movie along with the adult theme of a family right after divorce however the uplifting aspects of this family flick make it worth it to me and many forget that this tale takes place over Halloween. 

Monsters Inc.

I just adore most things Pixar does and this was one of their early best. 

The Village
This movie may be a bit too scary for little children but kids 10 and up could really enjoy this tale. I know I get lost in the desire to move my family to a pseudo-Amish village somewhere away from everything and the spooky woods and fall scenery make this a great autumn night treat. 

October Kiss
A Hallmark movie about a nanny who falls in love over Halloween. She brings a cheerful spirit back to the lives of a sad family. 

Harvest Moon 

A sweet tale of a harvest fest organized to help a struggling family. 

October Sky 

A true story about the awesomeness of the white mind. A coal miner decides to be a rocket scientist and well…watch to see what happens! 

Meet Me in Saint Louie 
A classic movie staring the lovely Judy Garland, takes place in the fall. 


Probably the best of the list, remember the other holiday celebrated on October 31st, Reformation Day! Plus those Fiennes brothers are easy on the eyes. *Wink*

Summer Magic
Don’t let the title throw you, the movie takes a family from summer into Halloween where they host a big fall festival at the end. This movie is beyond charming.