Pinterest Suspended My Account 

Pinterest suspended me for “hate speech.” Nothing I ever posted was hate speech. I never attacked anyone. 99% of my Pinterest was recipes and baby pictures. I never violated the policies stated above. They have no appeals process. Years of pins, just gone.

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  1. Shame on them! Justice warrior mentality is a alive and well I am afraid and it doesn’t take much to offend anyone today—bubble wrapped universities and now Pinterest—not surprised!
    I am sorry to here that you lost years of photos and the like—and no appeals process. We are becoming panzy-assed offended brained twits!—we need more of you and Milo not less!

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  2. That’s terrible! I’m sorry to hear this happened, but I guess I’m not that surprised knowing that all the major social media are part of the system.

    The lack of appeal is the worst. That’s what I’m seeing more and more on just about everything, not just social media. They don’t even want to discuss the possibility that they might be wrong. I’ve been banned by fellow Christians too, without notice, without the chance to explain myself. That’s not the Christian way of dealing with arguments within the church. They just want to believe what they want to believe. It’s almost like they’ve got keywords programmed in their heads, and the mere mention of these keywords will cause them to go berserk.

    I read that some suspended accounts can be reactivated on Pinterest however. Not sure about this method, but this might be worth a try, considering you put in so much work in your account:


  3. Sorry you got wiped off of Pinterest Ayla; I have been trying to save my most valuable Trad Right pins ever since they shut down your Conservative board. What this should tell us all is that they have decided that we have no place in their future world. You should be proud that they found your pins to be offensive because the elites who control social media are degenerates. We are going to have to create our own spaces, like your blog here and in the long run we will be better for it.


  4. I suppose there is some comfort in knowing that it wasn’t just me that had a Pinterest board deleted. On September 27, I received almost the same email from them regarding my board titled “My People”. In addition to filing a complaint about how it was handled, I responded by creating another board titled “Requiem for My People” that contains just one pin – a screen capture of their email and the following description:

    “Pinterest has every right to regulate and delete boards at their pleasure. The hypocrisy, however, cannot be quietly ignored. Do a search for “Black Pride” or other similar terms to see the double standard. “My People” was about just that – My People. It had pins of Latvian dress, Scottish culture, and encouraging our people to remain pure. There was ZERO “White Power” stuff or anything even remotely like that. It was about taking pride in My People – the Western European people.”

    For any who care to see it:

    I’ve enjoyed following you on Twitter and now on Gab… Thank you for posting your always-thoughtful insight.


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