Pinterest Goes Anti White, Anti American 

Because of the limited storage space on my iPad I use Pinterest to store my favorite pictures and memes. I have many boards which Commies would find offensive including “Facts aren’t Racist”, “Islam” and “Feminism is Awful” but Pinterest  recently chose to delete my board on Nationalism, calling it hate speech. 

I was honestly quite surprised. My “Facts Aren’t Racist” board is far more triggering with racial IQ differences and race based crime stats but Pinterest chose to come after my board which was specifically about two things: American Pride and Europe for Europeans. I cannot think of a more directly targeted anti white, racist thing for them to do. Apparently, according to Pinterest, thinking whites have the right to their ethnic homeland and the homelands their ancestors built is “hate speech!” 

Friends, keep fighting! 

7 thoughts on “Pinterest Goes Anti White, Anti American ”

  1. It’s too bad. Cultural Marxism has gone hay-wire—bonkers!!! There has been so much cultural appropriation by non Europeans and they have the gull to (thanks to their blind privilege) play the SJW card and all that other crap they spew! What is the world coming to—really!


  2. We need to set up our own social media tools and prevent them from becoming SJW converged. Otherwise there will be a complete shutdown of any speech which contradicts the narrative.


  3. “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
    Winston Churchill

    Keep up the good fight Ayla; we will not go silent into that dark night.


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