Month: September 2016


A chilly wind makes my toes curl, my heart skips a beat at an amber colored leaf – in short, I’m an Autumn addict. 
Fall Equinox falls one week prior to the celebration of Michaelmas. These two holidays are often celebrated in similar fashions, with harvest feasts, fairs and various fall merriment.
Michaelmas adds the exciting adventures of Sir George slaying the dragon through the spirit/guidance/help of the angel Michael. Michaelmas is a fun way to look toward our inner selves for bravery and guidance as the days grow shorter and winter descends.

Every year my family and I go on a dragon hunt at the same nature park. It’s a really sweet tradition as we search the rocks and caves for dragons. We imagine the black marks on the rocks to be dragon’s breath, crushed rocks become the trail the heavy dragon left behind when he walked through and my oldest daughter started a new tradition this year of trying to find the baby dragons in the little caves or finding the mommy dragon’s eggs.

After a vigorous dragon hunt we returned home to enjoy some delicious dragon bread and blackberry pie! 

Swiss Days! 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to celebrate our Swiss heritage at our local Swiss Days!! One of my daughters won the yodeling contest, three of my children were in the parade and pageant, we danced to Oompah music and two of my sons reached the top of the rock climbing wall, while in lederhosen! Happy days! 

Art and Children

A useful tool I have found in our homeschooling is to teach children at a young age to draw using shapes instead of lines. On the left is a typical child’s drawing, something you would see from your average 4-6 year old. On the right is the same child’s first attempt at drawing using whole shapes instead of outlining with lines. Can you see the amazing improvement from the first to the second? It only takes about 5 minutes to demonstrate this to your child but it will dramatically increase their artistic ability in the coming years as they train their mind to see whole shapes and more acuaretly represent what is THERE as opposed to interpreting objects and then representing them abstractly with outlines. 
Happy drawing!