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  1. There is no cultural purity of any sort. Cultural, economic, and genetic exchange has been going on since time in memorial. I do believe though that cultural plurality as said Aristotle more than two thousand years ago and not Plato’s monism is an option.
    People should do as they like as long is is done under the rule of law within that society. For example: Sharia law should not be imposed in western countries, as they widely differ as to what constitutes proper normal human relations.
    I may not agree with you on some things but overall you use your mind to great effect and that is much appreciated.


    1. Ancient rome and Sumerian, Persian, greece,rome and Indus Valley civilization started off as a white civilization, it prospered. When it became more multiracial and race mixing started it stagnated and collapsed. . Civilization can survive defeats in battle and natural catastrophes, but not racial dissolution. Apparently we haven’t learned from our ancestors mistakes. We are the persecuted race, always retreating and always repeating the mistake of miscegenation. White people settled South America thousands of years before the Spanish. The Amerindians worshiped them as Gods, but they started slaughtering them, forcing them to retreat. Hernan Cortes returned and destroyed them. But they too made the mistake of miscegenation, creating the mongrel Mestizo race. We are repeating all the mistakes our ancestors made. Will nature punish us for the last time by extinction or will this obscure history of the white race make us want to say enough is enough?


    1. The Alt-Right isn’t white supremacist, just isolationist to a degree. There’s nothing wrong with white people congregating and saying “We want to live among our own kind, and we want others to respect our wish. We’re not hurting anyone by isolating ourselves, so don’t force your way of life on us.”

      There is something very wrong with non-white people illegally forcing their way into white countries against the wishes of the native population.


    2. Isav and many other white-skinned jews consider it White supremacy whenever two or more White Americans get together during lunch over cups of coffee. His granddaddy was probably a Bolshevik from Russia and he is proudly carrying on that family tradition. Little Isav or grandpa, most likely both, are probably listed among at least one of the networks which are referenced below.



  2. Pretty good summary. Cultural exchange will always happen via markets, but when you have elites directly undermining their native culture that is a big problem. I support Amazonian tribes right to persist and be left alone as I also support my own tribe to be left alone.

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