Special Treats In My Kitchen Today 

Today, in addition to my regular daily baking, I made two special things. First, some all natural cold medicine to put up for the coming season. Made of all organic and raw ingredients this stuff kicks butt and includes lemon, raw honey, Apple cider vinegar, and onions. It tastes really great too. I love it. 

Our family Friday treat – banana split pie! Oh my gosh, it’s seriously too good. We ate until we were sick. I love the look of it. It just looks like a party on a platter! 😀

3 Comments on “Special Treats In My Kitchen Today 

  1. What is the base of that dessert? Also where did you find that recipe for Amish cold medicine?


    • The pie is graham cracker crust, cheesecake, bananas, crushed pineapple, whipped cream with hot fudge, cherries and sprinkles on top. I came across the cold medicine recipe when I studied the Amish in grad school. An ex Amish guy wrote a book about Amish home remedies. They will also use peppermint schnapps in theirs but I left that out LOL


      • Haha no schnapps eh? 🙂
        That reminds me. My wife and I visited a Hutterite community while we were Alberta Canada ~7yrs ago. They gave us a tour and a delicious meal prepared in their communal kitchen. We had our 6 m old daughter with us and all the grandmothers would come and say hello to her. One woman in particular was smitten. Talking about the sleepless nights she told “Just a little bit of schnapps on the soft spot, just a little bit of schnapps.”


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