Daddy’s Little Amlete 

My husband is really into Amish and Mennonite culture lately (which is fine by me, I did half of my graduate thesis on the Amish). Our oldest daughter likes to dress as “Daddy’s little Amlete” to get maximum “you’re so cute” attention from daddy. It’s amazing how little girls pick up on those things and delight in pleasing their daddies. I love watching their relationship grow and I am daily reminded of the incredible power and influence that having a father brings to the life of a child and my heart weeps for the generations in our nation who have grown up without fathers because of feminism’s “I don’t need a man” mentality. 

4 Comments on “Daddy’s Little Amlete 

  1. I rejoice in seeing daughters try to please their daddies, too! It’s in the heart of every female to do so and to look up to a male figure. Beautiful. Just shared this!


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